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October 2012
PATER NOSTER A Choral Reflection on The Lord’s Prayer

A Choral Reflection on The Lord’s Prayer

The King’s Singers
(David Hurley, countertenor
Timothy Wayne-Wright, countertenor
Paul Phoenix, tenor
Christopher Bruerton, baritone
Christopher Gabbitas, baritone
Jonathan Howard, bass)

GRAMMY® Award winners in 2009, The King’s Singers are one of the world’s most celebrated ensembles. Their programming concept in this disc is unique: built upon the individual clauses of The Lord’s Prayer, beginning and ending in plainchant, it ranges over the centuries to explore the spiritually charged text. Chant is at the heart of the programme, and each composer’s setting illuminates the others, shedding rich interpretative light on the poetic and devotional aspects of the prayer.
ROSSINI Complete Overtures, Vol. 1

Gioachino ROSSINI (1792–1868)
Complete Overtures, Vol. 1
La gazza ladra • Semiramide • Otello
Le siège de Corinthe
Elisabetta, Regina d’Inghilterra
(Il barbiere di Siviglia)
Sinfonia in D ‘al Conventello’ • Ermione*

Prague Philharmonic Choir*
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra
Christian Benda

Rossini wrote some of music’s most masterful and lovable operas. His gift for comic and tragic forms was matched by a relish for characterisation, qualities that are always evident in his overtures. La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) is perhaps the most famous, one of the world’s most popular concert openers. But in Otello he reveals his more complex turns of phrase and in Le siège de Corinthe the writing is dramatic and colourful. The overture for Elisabetta, Regina d’Inghilterra was used again a year later by Rossini for Il barbiere di Siviglia. This is the first of four discs of the complete Rossini Overtures.
DELIUS Appalachia • Sea Drift

Frederick DELIUS (1862–1934)
Appalachia • Sea Drift

Leon Williams, baritone
The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay
James K. Bass
The Florida Orchestra • Stefan Sanderling

Appalachia (a native American word for North America) is a set of variations based on a slave song about the tragedy of the cotton planters ‘being sold down the river’. Delius heard the song when teaching the violin in Virginia, but the primary inspiration was his formative experience of the semi-tropical beauty of Florida’s Solano Grove where he had managed an orange plantation. In Sea Drift Delius absorbed a further American influence in the nature mysticism of Walt Whitman. The symphonic poem, one of his greatest works, is a song of love and death in which the baritone soloist is both a participant in the drama and offers a commentary upon it.
DEBUSSY 24 Préludes (orch. Breiner) (Märkl)

The Butterfly Lovers Piano Concerto
(arr. Chen Gang from The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto, edited by Chen Jie)
The Yellow River Piano Concerto
(based on Yellow River Cantata by Xian Xinghai)

Chen Jie, piano
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Carolyn Kuan

The Yellow River Concerto is one of the most popular of all Chinese works, a richly melodic exploration of scenic variety, and a forceful expression of patriotic pride. Written in 1958 by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao, The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto has achieved world renown for its moving and beautiful synthesis of Western and Eastern traditions. In 1985 Chen Gang made an arrangement for piano and orchestra, played on this recording in the edition by the brilliant international soloist Chen Jie.
DUN Symphonic Poem on Three Notes

TAN Dun (b. 1957)
Symphonic Poem on Three Notes
Orchestral Theatre
Concerto for Orchestra

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Tan Dun

The multifaceted and multi-award winner Tan Dun has made an indelible mark on the world music scene with a creative repertoire that spans the boundaries of classical music. The Symphonic Poem on Three Notes describes an evolutionary arc from nature through industry and back to nature, the traditional orchestra augmented with a range of unorthodox sound sources such as wind, stones and car brake drums. The drama of Orchestral Theatre centres on memories of ritual from the composer’s childhood, linking folk music styles to Western atonality, while the Concerto for Orchestra describes the exoticism of Marco Polo’s geographical, musical and spiritual journeys.
JACKSON, G.: Requiem

Gabriel JACKSON (b. 1962)
Requiem* • In all his works*
I am the voice of the wind*

Carl Herring, Guitar • Vasari Singers
Jeremy Backhouse

Other Repertoire
Bob CHILCOTT (b. 1955) after PACHELBEL Canon (Rosa Mystica)
John TAVENER (b. 1944) Song for Athene
Francis POTT (b. 1957) When David heard*

While the unifying thread which links these works is that of loss, the underlying focus is an uplifting celebration of life and love. Gabriel Jackson’s Requiem combines traditional solemnity with poems which embrace wide-ranging spirituality, resulting in images of light and radiant optimism. Contrasting poignancy of expression is heard in personal tributes from John Tavener and Francis Pott, while Bob Chilcott uses Pachelbel’s famous Canon to set Oscar Wilde’s Requiescat. Vasari Singers’ Great British Anthems (8.572504) was described as ‘essential listening’ by Gramophone.

WAGHALTER Violin Concerto, Rhapsodie, Violin Sonata (Trynkos, Latsabidze, Royal Philharmonic, A. Walker)
SCHUBERT Symphonies  Nos. 8 and 9 (Slovak Philharmonic, Failoni Orchestra, Halász)
MAYR Ariadne on Naxos (Cantata) (Horak, T.M. Allen, Simon Mayr Chorus and Ensemble, Hauk)

CHORUSES FOR MALE  VOICES AND ORCHESTRA (Lund  Student Singers, Malmö Opera Orchestra, Hold-Garrido)
MÜLLER Souvenir de  Dobbéran, Clarinet Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 (Roth, le Roux, Fuchs, Berolina  Ensemble)
MAGNANI Divertimenti  Nos. 1 and 2, Elegia, Melodia romantica (Bosi, Bartoli)

SCHUMANN Arrangements for Piano Duet, Vol. 1 (Eckerle Piano Duo)
PERCIVAL’S LAMENT:  Medieval Music and the Holy Grail (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero)
WALCHA Chorale Preludes,  Vol. 1 (Rübsam)

IN THE WORLD OF  SPIRITS: Christmas Classics for Wind Band (Emory Symphonic Winds, S.A. Stewart)
STRAUSS FAMILY  Favourite Dances (Vienna  Johann Strauss Orchestra, Wildner)
Idil Biret Solo  Edition, Vol. 5: Robert SCHUMANN Kreisleriana, Blumenstück, Faschingsschwank  aus Wien
  Marco Polo 8.225353
  IBA 8.571292

Naxos Historical is in the privileged position of being able to transform the legendary recordings of the past into remarkable digtial sound, using today’s most advanced audio engineering technology.
Great Conductors • Robert  KAJANUS (1856-1933): Kajanus Conducts Sibelius, Vol. 1
Great Pianists •  Arturo Benedetti MICHELANGELI (1920-1995): The Early Recordings, Vol. 3 (1939-1948)
*Not Available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

The Naxos Seattle Symphony Collection is a newly created series to showcase the Seattle players and conductor Gerard Schwarz in a wide selection of repertoire.

R. STRAUSS Ein Heldenleben, Sextet from Capriccio (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)
R. STRAUSS Macbeth, Dance of the Seven Veils, Metamorphosen (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)

R. STRAUSS Die Frau ohne Schatten: Symphonic Fantasy, Serenade for Winds (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)
THE AMERICAN TRUMPET (Silberschlag, Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)

VIENNA – Austria’s City of Music
FRANCE – Marseille • Tarascon • Cannes • Côte d’Azur •  Camargue
POTSDAM, GERMANY – A Musical  Visit to Sanssouci and the Bach Museum in Leipzig

ISRAEL  IN EGYPT  – From Slavery to Freedom   REGER Violin Concerto, Chaconne
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Stories from Shakespeare Vol. 1
More Tales from the Greek Legends
Tales from the Norse Legends

The History of Theatre
Darwin – In a Nutshell
Famous People in History Vol. 2
9781843796947 [enhanced]
9781843796749 [text-only]

Arvo Pärt: A Portrait
Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Short Profile
Robert Schumann: Short Profile

Puccini: His Life  & Music
Discover Music of the  20th Century

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ISRAEL  IN EGYPT  – From Slavery to Freedom
REGER Violin Concerto, Chaconne
HANDEL Messiah
Capriccio C5151
  Ondine ODE1203-2
  Tafelmusik TMK1016CD2

SCHUBERT Die Schone Müllerin
Sir Georg Solti: Journey of a Maestro
Arthaus 107269
  C Major 711804
  Opus Arte OA1090BD
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