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List of Artists by country arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Aaron, Adina
Aarons, Al
Abbott, Tommy
Abel, Bruce
Abel, Mark
Abel, Yves
Abelson, Robert
Abney, Don
Abraham, Christine
Abraham, Daniel E.
Abraira, Donna Baldwin
Ace, Johnny
Ackroyd, Peter
Acoustic Jazz Quartet
Actman, Irving
Adair, Yvonne
Adams, Clifford
Adams, Edith
Adams, Faye
Adams, John Luther
Adams, Samuel
Adcock, Lynn Jennings
Adderley, Julian Cannonball
Adderley, Nat
Addison, Adele
Adirondack Chamber Orchestra
Adler, Bruce
Adler, Larry
Adler, Samuel
Adrian, Louis
Adsit, Glen
After Dinner Opera
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band, Brass Quintet
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band, Clarinet Quartet
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band, Tradewinds Quintet
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band, Woodwind Quintet
Ajemian, Maro
Al Donahue Orchestra
Al Duffy Four
Al Goodman Chorus
Al Jolson Orchestra
Al Starita and His Boy Friends
Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Albanese, Licia
Albany Symphony Orchestra
Albert Sack Orchestra
Albert, Matt
Albrecht, Johanna
Alda, Robert
Aldrich, Kate
Aler, John
Alessi Street Band
Alessi, Joseph
Alexander String Quartet
Alexander, Cris
Alexander, Jane
Alexander, Mousey
Alexander, Roberta
Alexander-Max, Susan
Ali, Mahershalalhashbaz
ALIAS Chamber Ensemble
Alimena, Sylvia
All-American Youth Orchestra
Alland, William
Allen, Barbara
Allen, Ed
Allen, Geri
Allen, Henry Red
Allen, Henry Red
Allen, Jackie
Allen, Nancy
Allen, Thad W.
Allen, Thomas Michael
Allen, Virginia
Aller, Eleanor
Aller, Victor
Allison, Ben
All-Star Orchestra, The
Almanac Singers
Almond, Frank
Alonzo King LINES Ballet
Alsop, Marin
Alter, Louis
Altmeyer, Jeannine
Alvarez, Elaine
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Amado, David
Amara, Lucine
Amarillo Symphony Orchestra
Amato, Donna
Ambrose King, Nancy
Ameche, Jim
Amelia Piano Trio
American Bach Soloists
American Bach Soloists Choir
American Bach Soloists Orchestra
American Baroque
American Brass Quintet
American Horn Quartet
American Radio Orchestra
American Recording Society Symphony Chorus
American Recording Society Symphony Orchestra, The
American String Quartet, The
American Symphony Orchestra
America's Band in Blue
Ames Brothers, The
Ames Piano Quartet, The
Amirkhanian, Charles
Amoury, Jerry
Amsterdam, Morey
Amundsen, Monte
Ananian, Paolo
Ancia Saxophone Quartet
Anderson, Beth
Anderson, Cat
Anderson, Cynthia Babin
Anderson, Gillian
Anderson, Ivie
Anderson, James
Anderson, June
Anderson, Kevin
Anderson, Leroy
Anderson, Lois
Anderson, Marian
Anderson, Sylvia
Anderson, William
Anderton, Elizabeth
Andonian, Lucy
Andres, Timothy
Andrews Sisters
Andrews, Helen
Andrews, Nancy
Andy Kirk's 12 Clouds of Joy
Angelich, Nicholas
Anger, Darol
Anita Kerr Singers, The
Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
Anson Weeks Orchestra
Antheil, George
Anthony, Ray
Anthony, Susan
Applegate, Geoffrey
Appleton, Vera
Arce, David
Archie Bleyer Chorus
Archie Bleyer Orchestra
Arco Ensemble
Ardan, Laura
Arden Trio
Arellano, Margarita de
Aries Brass Quintet
Arlen, Harold
Arm, Theodore
Armstrong, Karan
Armstrong, Lillian Hardin
Armstrong, Louis
Army Air Forces Training Command Orchestra
Army Blues Jazz Ensemble
Arneson, Keith M.
Arnold, Tony
Arron, Edward
Arroyo, Martina
Ars Lyrica Houston
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
Art Kassel Kassels-In-The-Air
Art Mooney Orchestra
Art Tatum Trio
Arthur, Beatrice
Artie Malvin Singers
Artie Shaw Gramercy 5
Artie Shaw New Music
Artie Shaw Orchestra
Artie Singer Orchestra
Artymiw, Lydia
Asawa, Brian
Ashkenazy, Dimitri
Askew, Robin
Asphalt Orchestra
Astaire, Adele
Astaire, Fred
Astin, John
Atkins, Victor
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus
Atlantic Classical Orchestra
Aucoin, Matthew
Audain, Joselli
Auger, Arleen
Aurora String Quartet
Austin, Charles Robert
Autry, Gene
Avery, James
Ax, Emanuel
Axel Stordahl Orchestra
Axelrod, John
Ayres, Mitchell
Aznavoorian, Ani
Aznavoorian, Marta

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