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List of Artists by country arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Caddy, Ian
Café Mozart
Caffrey, Joe
Caine, Michael
Cairncross, James
Caley, Ian
Calix, Mira
Callow, Simon
Cambridge Bach Ensemble
Cambridge Singers
Cambridge University Chamber Choir
Camden, Anthony
Cameron, Basil
Cameron, John
Campbell, Catherine
Campbell, David
Campbell, Douglas
Campbell, Hilary
Campbell, Mairi
Canning, Andrew
Cant, Brian
Cantabile Singers
Cappella Nova
Capricorn Ensemble
Carducci String Quartet
Carewe, John
Carewe, Mary
Carey, Tim
Carice Singers, The
Carlisle, John
Carlyle, Joan
Carmichael, Katy
Carpenter, Jeremy
Carr, Colin
Carrack, Paul
Carroll, Thomas
Carter, Jason
Carthy, Nicholas
Carvel, Bertie
Carwood, Andrew
Casey, Nollaig
Casson, Lewis
Castelow, Faye
Caudle, Mark
Cauthery, Gunnar
Central Band of the Royal Air Force
Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Chance, Michael
Chapel Royal Choir
Chapman, Deirdre
Chapman, Sean
Charles, Maria
Charlesworth, Stephen
Charlton, Bobby
Chase, Roger
Chicago Opera Theater Ensemble
Chichon, Karel Mark
Chilcott, Bob
Chilcott, Susan
Childs, Nicholas
Childs, Robert
Choir of London
Choir of London Orchestra
Choir of the Golden Age
Choir, The
Chorley, Henry Fothergill
Christie, Winifred
Christophers, Harry
Church, Tony
City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus
City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus, members
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
City of London Choir
City of London Sinfonia
Clapton, Eric
Clapton, Nicholas
Clare Chamber Ensemble
Clare College Choir, Cambridge
Clare, Kenny
Clark, Graham
Clark, James
Clarke, Adrian
Clarke, Nigel
Clarke, Paul Charles
Clarke, Rebecca
Claxton, Elaine
Cleese, John
Clein, Natalie
Cleobury, Nicholas
Cleobury, Stephen
Cliffe, Nigel
Clunes, Alec
Coad, Jonathan
Coates, Albert
Coates, Eric
Cocker, Joe
Coe, Tony
Cohen, Harriet
Cohen, Jeremy
Cohen, Raymond
Cohen, Robert
Coke, Peter
Coleman, David Robert
Coleman, Michael
Coles, Priti
Collier, Lesley
Collier, Patience
Collingwood, Charles
Collingwood, Lawrance
Collins, Anthony
Collins, Kenneth
Collins, Michael
Collins, Phil
Collinson, Francis M.
Columbia Light Opera Chorus
Comberti, Micaela
Comberti, Sebastian
Conley, Sandra
Connell, Elizabeth
Connell, Howard
Connolly, Sarah
Constable, John
Convivium Singers
Cook, Allison
Cook, Christopher
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Kathryn
Cooke, Nigel
Coombs, Stephen
Cooper, Adam
Cooper, Gary
Cooper, Lindsay
Cooper, Terence
Coote, Alice
Coote, Robert
Cope, Jonathan
Cor Meibiom Twm O'r Nant
Cor Meibion Caernarfon Male Voice Choir
Corbett, Clare
Cordier, David
Cordingly, Beth
Cornwell, Joseph
Corp, Ronald
Correia, Philip
Corvin, John
Corydon Philharmonic Society Chorus
Cotton, Oliver
Coulouris, George Alexander
Coulter, David
Court Symphony Orchestra
Covey-Crump, Rogers
Coward, Noël
Cox, Brian
Cox, Harry
Cox, Helen
Cox, Neil
Coxon, Richard
Coy, Jolyon
Cradick, Martin
Crawford, Peter
Crawford-Phillips, Simon
Craxton, Harold
Creed, Marcus
Crees, Eric
Creswick, Bradley
Cribbins, Bernard
Critchlow, Stephen
Cromar, Christopher
Crookes, Anna
Cross, Fiona
Cross, Joan
Crouch End Festival Chorus
Crowe, Lucy
Cullen, Jonathan
Cullis, Rita
Cullum, Andrew
Culture Club
Cumberbatch, Benedict
Cumbus, Philip
Cummings, Laurence
Cuneo City Choral Society
Cunliffe, David
Curry, Jane
Curry, Julian
Curtis, Mark
Cusack, Sinéad Moira
Custy, Tola
Cuthbertson, Lauren
Cyril Stapelton Orchestra

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