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List of Nostalgia Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Cafe de Paris Orchestra
Calhern, Louis
Callinicos, Constantine
Calliope & Sound Effects
Cambridge Theatre Orchestra
Cameo Dance Orchestra
Campbell, Albert
Cantor, Eddie
Carcamo, Pablo
Carl Cotner Orchestra
Carl Fischer Chorus
Carl Fischer Orchestra
Carl Jularbos Orchestra
Carl Jularbos Quartet
Carle, Frankie
Carlsson, Sickan
Carpenter, Ken
Carroll Gibbons and His Boy Friends
Carroll Gibbons Orchestra
Carroll, Eddie
Carson, Mindy
Carson, Sam
Caruso, Enrico
Caruthers, Herbert
Casani Club Orchestra
Cash, Johnny
Cass Country Boys
Channing, Carol
Charles A. Prince Orchestra
Charles Kunz Casani Club Orchestra
Charles Norman Disk Jockey Boys
Charles Norman Orchesta
Charles Norman Quintet
Charles Norman Trio
Charles Redlands Orchestra
Charles Trenet Ondioline Quartet
Charles Trenet Orchestra
Charles Wildmans Orchestra
Charles Williams Concert Orchestra
Charles, Ray
Charles, Wolseley
Charlie Norman Reeperbahn Stompoers
Charms, The
Chauliac, Leo
Cherry, Don
Chevalier, Maurice
Chichagov, Igor
Chickering Four
Chords, The
Clapham, Ruth
Clark, Buddy
Clark, Don
Clary, Robert
Claude Normand Orchestra
Claude Thornhill Orchestra
Clavecin, Pleyel
Clay, Spencer
Clayton, Jan
Cliff Edwards Hot Combination
Clifford Greenwood Orchestra
Clifford, Hubert
Clifton, Bernard
Cline, Patsy
Clooney, Rosemary
Clovers, The
Cohen, Harriet
Cole, Nat King
Colicchio, Tony
Collingwood, Lawrance
Collinson, Francis M.
Collinson, Frank
Columbia Studio Orchestra
Colvig, Pinto
Comedian Harmonists
Comets, The
Como, Perry
Confrey, Zez
Connecticut Collegians
Conrad, Lew
Conriche, Leo
Constantine Callinicos Orchestra
Cooke, Marianne
Cornelius, Victor
Corona Babes
Costa, Sam
Costello, Billy
Country Washburne Orchestra
Court Symphony Orchestra
Coward, Noël
Crew Cuts, The
Crickets, The
Crona, Borje
Crooks, Richard
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Dixie Lee
Cross-Bart, Eddie
Crumit, Frank
Cugat, Xavier
Cullen, Boyce
Cupol Orchestra
Curt Akerlind and Hans Orchestra
Curt Blomquist Orchestra

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