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List of Nostalgia Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Dahl, Elon
Dahlquist, Lasse
Dalhart, Vernon
Daly, William Merrigan
Damaris, Soffy
d'Amato, Noel
Dame, Donald
Danish Melodi Light Orchestra
Dann, Robert
Darby, Ken
Dare, Phyllis
Darley, Arthur
Dave Boehme Orchestra
Dave Terry Chorus
Dave Terry Orchestra
Davenport, Pembroke
David Rose Orchestra
Davies, Ramona
Davis Jr., Sammy
Davis, Beryl
Dawson, Herbert
Day, Doris
Day, Frances
Day, Irene
Debroy Somers Orchestra
Delaunay's Jazz
dell'Isola, Salvatore
Deutsch, Adolph
Dewey, Phil
Diamonds, The
Dick Jacobs Orchestra
Dick Jurgens Orchestra
Dick McIntyre Harmony Hawaiians
Dick Stabile Chorus
Dick Stabile Orchestra
Dickson, Dorothy
Dietrich, Marlene
Dino Olivieri Orchestra
Dixieland All-Stars
Dixon, Alfred Capel
Domino, Fats
Dominoes, The
Don Marino Barreto Cuban Orchestra
Don Redman Orchestra
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
Dorsey, Jimmy
Dorsey, Tommy
Doubleday, Elizabeth
Doucet, Clement
Douglas, Larry
Douglas, Leslie
Drake, Alfred
Drury Lane Theatre Orchestra
Duchin, Eddy
Dulay, Arthur
Dunne, Irene
Durante, Jimmy
Durium Dance Band
Dushkin, Samuel
Dvonch, Frederick

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