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List of Nostalgia Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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MacArthur, Edwin
MacDonald, Jeanette
Macdonough, Harry
Mackey, Bernie
MacRae, Gordon
Madsen, Gerda
Mal Hallett Orchestra
Malbin, Elaine
Male quartet
Mallett, Ronald
Malneck, Matty
Malone, Danny
Mandon, Larry
Mantovani Orchestra
Mantovani, Annunzio
Marcel Cariven Orchestra
Marcellus, John
Mariachi Azteca
Mario Consiglio Orchestra
Marshall, Bert
Martin, Dean
Martin, Denis
Martin, Jack
Martin, Mary
Martin, Tony
Marty Manning Orchestra
Marx, Groucho
Masungarna from Orno
Mathieson, Muir
Matthews, Jessie
Maurice Winnick Sweet Music
May, Billy
May, Hans
Mayerl, Billy Joseph
Mazar, Ronaldo
McCormack, John
McCormack, Peggy
McGhee, Stick
McGuire Sisters, The
McKinley, Ray
McMoon, Cosme
McNulty Family
Medinger, Jacques
Medinger, Jean
Meincke, Carl Viggo
Meistersextett, Das
Mel Torm Mel-Tones
Melachrino, George
Melchior, Lauritz
Melin, Jeanita
Mellomen, The
Melville, Winnie
Mengo, Jerry
Mercer, Mabel
Mercer, Mary Ann
Merman, Ethel
Merrill, Robert
MGM Studio Orchestra
Michel Warlop Orchestra
Middleton, Ray
Midnighters, The
Miehe-Renard, Louis
Miley, Bubber
Miller, Glenn
Miller, Jimmy
Miller, Johnny
Millers, Dinah
Mills Brothers, The
Mills Brothers, The
Mills, John
Milton Rosenstock Orchestra
Miranda, Carmen
Mischa Spoliansky Revue Orchestra
Mitch Miller Chorus
Mitch Miller Orchestra
Mitchell Ayres Fashions-In-Music
Mitchell Ayres Orchestra
Mitchell, Guy
Modeen, Thor
Moller, Wilhelm
Mondello, Toots
Monosson, Leo
Monroe, Marilyn
Monty, Ole
Moonglows, The
Moore, Brew
Moore, Gerald
Moore, Grace
Moore, Oscar
Moore, Scotty
Morgan, Freddy
Morgan, Helen
Morgan, Richard
Morgan, Wilbert
Morison, Patricia
Morris Stoloff Orchestra
Morrow, Doretta
Morse, Lee
Morton Scott Orchestra
Mottola, Tony
Mouflard, Maurice
Mourier, Poul
Mrs. Jack Hylton
Muller, Werner
Munro, Ronnie
Murphy, Delia
Murray, Billy
Murray, Ruby

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