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List of Winds arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Oberaigner, Robert
Oberg, Mats
Oberlinger, Dorothee
O'Connor, Phil
O'Connor, Tara Helen
Odling, Francesca
O'Donnell, Ger
Oehlberger, Karl
Oehrli, Fabio
Oesterle, Albert
Oesterreicher, Walter
Ognibene, James
Ogrintchouk, Alexei
Ohlsen, Mark
Ohlson, Laurel Bennert
Okazaki, Koji
Olajos, Gyorgy
Olegario, Marissa
Oleskiewicz, Mary
Oliver, Joe King
Olivier, Rufus
Olivieri, Giordano
Olka, Christopher
Olofsson, Christer
Olson, Jenni
Olsson, Roland
Olsson, Samuel
O'Neal, Christopher
Ong'are, Michelle
Onuszkiewicz, Jacek
Oppenheim, David
Ordway, Eric
Orensteen, Lou
Oriani, Fabrizio
Orta, Antonio
Ortensi, Claudio
Ortner, Josef
Ortolani, Didier
Orton, Chris
Orval, Francis
Ory, Edward Kid
Osby, Greg
Osseck, William
Ostergaard, Eva
Ostergaard, Morten
Ostergaard, Randi
Ostermeier, Christian
Ostling, Ann
Ostry, Jan
Ott, Alexander
Ott, Gunhild
Ott, Selina
Ottensamer, Andreas
Ottensamer, Ernst
Oudenweijer, Lars Wouters van den
Ourio, Olivier Ker
Ovitsky, Steven
Owen, Martin
Owens, Rhys

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