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List of Artists by country arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Radio France Choir
Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra
Ragon, Gilles
Rampal, Jean-Pierre
Raymond Legrand Orchestra
Redolfi, Michel
Regiment des Voltigeurs de Quebec
Reinemann, Udo
Renaud, Henri
Renaud, Madeleine
René St. Paul Chorus
Repecaud, Beatrice
Revoil, Fanely
Reyes, Eliane
Rhodes, Jane
Rhorer, Jérémie
Riou, Gaelle
Risset, Jean Claude
Rivalland, Françoise
Rivierre, Laure
Robert, Sylvie
Robin, Jacqueline
Robin, Jean-Baptiste
Robin, Mado
Rodde, Anna-Marie
Rogé, Pascal
Roi, Gaele Le
Roman, Alexis
Rophé, Pascal
Rosamonde Quartet
Rosenthal, Manuel
Rossi, Tino
Rostaing, Hubert
Rouger, Denis
Rousseliere, Charles
Rousset, Christophe
Rovere, Gilbert Bibi
Roy, Daniel
Russian Chorus of Paris
Ruz, Bleizi

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