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List of Ensembles arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Rabita Andalusa
Rafael and Energía Dominicana
Raffaele Calace Plectrum Quintet
RAM Viola Sextet
Ramon Ricker Jazz Quintet
Randers Chamber Orchestra
Rang Puhar Carnatic Group
Rangpuhar Langa Group
Ranten Male Quartet
Ranten Mixed Quartet
Rasumowsky Quartet
Ravens, The
Real Quiet
Realm of Possibilities
Recorder Consort
Recyclers, The
Red Army Band
Red Chamber
Red Holloway Blues All-Stars
Red Nichols 5 Pennies
Red Shadow Singers
Red Stripe Ebony Steelband
Red Tail
Reger Quartet
Regiment des Voltigeurs de Quebec
Rembrandt Chamber Players
Rembrandt Trio, The
Remix Ensemble
Republic of Sakha National Dance Theatre
Retrover Ensemble
Reureu Band
Revuers, The
Rewasese Entertainment Group
Rex Stewart Feetwarmers
Rex Trailer and the Playboys
Rey Crespo Salsa Conga Loca
Reykjavik Wind Quintet
Rhetoric Project
Rhythm Boys
Rhythm Masters
Rhythm Orchids, The
RIAS Chamber Chorus, soloists
Ricardo Dias Ensemble
Richardson Singers
Richie Cole Group
Riga String Quartet
Rigmor Gustafsson Quintet
Riitta Paakki Trio
Rilke Ensemble
Ring Around Consort
Ring Around Quartet
Risa zvejnieki
Risonanza, La
Ritesh Das Toronto Tabla Ensemble
Robert Wells Trio
Roberto e Dimitri
Robin Mark Quartet
Robins, The
Robo Gaspar Banda
Rochester Chamber Players
Rock Hill Singers
Rockin' Robin Band
Rodopi Ensemble
Rogeri Trio
Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii
Rolf Larssons Quartet
Romabarocca Ensemble
Rome Beethoven Quartet
Romeros, Los
Ron McClure Quartet
Ron McClure Sextet
Rondinella, La
Ronn McFarlane and Ayreheart
Rosa Negra
Rosamonde Quartet
Rose Consort of Viols, The
Roselli Quartet
Rosetti Brass Quintet
Rossignol, La
Rossignolo, Il
Rossini Quartet
RossoPorpora Ensemble
Roth Quartet
Roto Cook Group
Rova Saxophone Quartet
Rover Boys, The
Roy Fox Band
Royal 22nd Regiment Band
Royal Academy Consort
Royal Academy Wind Soloists
Royal Artillery Band
Royal Ballet School
Royal Ballet, Covent Garden
Royal Danish Ballet
Royal Military School of Music Ceremonial Trumpets
Royal Swedish Ballet
Royal Swedish Orchestra, members
RSO barock
Rua Port'Alba
Rubalcaba and César Pedroso
Rubalcaba Trio
Rubinstein Klezmer Project
Rudy Smith Trio
Rudy Vallee Connecticut Yankees
Ruggiero, Il
Rupay, Los
Ruphay, Los
Rurban Music Ensemble
Rushes Ensemble
Ruskin Ensemble
Russian Balalaika Folk Music Ensemble
Russian Guitar Quartet
Russkaya Muzyka
Rutgers Wind Ensemble
Rymoka String Band

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