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List of Jazz Legends Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Ligorio, Daniel
Ligot, Etienne
Liguori, Andrea
Liimatainen, Juhani
Liimatainen, Leena
Liiv, Monika-Evelin
Lika, Peter
Likhina, Ekaterina
Lilja, Johan
Lilje, Peeter
Liljedahl, Johan
Liljefors, Mats
Lill, John
Lilla Jatte Orchestra
Lillard, Rick
Lill-Arne Soderberg Orchestra
Lille MUKO University Choir
Lille National Orchestra
Lill-Eriks Orchestra
Lillesoe, Susse
Lilley, Alice
Lilley, Jessie
Lilley, Joseph
Lillo, Maurizio
Lilly, Arthur
Lilly, Rita
Lilova, Margarita
Lilowa, Margarita
Lim, Chae Wook
Lim, Changhan
Lim, Clara
Lim, Jin Hyung
Lim, Kektjiang
Lim, Michael Jinsoo
Lim, Min Woo
Lim, Rira
Lim, Simon
Lim, Sin-yao
Lim, Sunghae Anna
Lim, Yau
Lima, Luis
Lima, Philip
Limb, Jeremy
Limberg, Hans-Martin
Limburger Cathedral Boys Choir
Limmer, Hildegard
Limone, Marco
LIN Ensemble
Lin, Chin-Ming
Lin, Cho-Liang
Lin, Hwai-min
Lin, Jenny
Lin, Joseph
Lin, Shi-cheng
Lin, Tao
Lin, Wayne
Lin, You-sheng
Lina Nyberg Quintet
Linaburgyte, Inesa
Linares, Adriana
Linay, Samuel
Lincer, William
Linck, Valdemar Schioler
Lincke, Howard
Lincoln Cathedral Choir
Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society
Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society
Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society, members
Lincoln Trio
Lincoln, Christopher
Lind, Eva
Lind, Joanna
Lind, Kristian
Lind, Lillemor
Lind, Thomas
Lind, Tomas
Lind, William
Lind, William
Linda, Jan
Linda, Janine
Lindal, Maria
Lindberg, Christian
Lindberg, Karin
Lindberg, Magnus
Lindberg, Nils
Lindbjer, Thomas
Lindblad, Hanna
Lindblad, Rune
Lindblom, Adam
Lindblom, Eric
Lindblom, Ingvar
Lindblom, Rolf
Lindborg, Fredrik
Linde, Celia
Linde, Dagmar
Linde, Hans-Martin
Lindeberg, Tuuli
Lindeborg, Erik
Lindedal, Styrbjorn

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