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List of Jazz Legends Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Jaak Gregoor Choir
Jaatinen, Jussi
Jaatinen, Melis
Jaberi, Afshin
Jabihi, Sayed
Jablczynski, Pawel
Jablokov, Alexander
Jablonski, Krzysztof
Jaccottet, Christiane
Jachini Virgili, Roberto
Jack Fascinato's Orchestra
Jack Gill & Ivan Thelmes dragspelsorkester
Jack Harris Orchestra
Jack Hylton Orchestra
Jack Jackson Orchestra
Jack Leonard Chorus
Jack Miller Orchestra
Jack Parnell Chorus
Jack Pleis Orchestra
Jack Quartet
Jack Rael Orchestra
Jack Shilkret Orchestra
Jack Teagarden Band
Jack Teagarden Big Eight
Jack Teagarden Orchestra
Jack Teagarden Swingin' Gates
Jack, Wolfman
Jackel, Achim
Jackie Brentson Delta Kings
Jackson, Anne
Jackson, Bill
Jackson, Chris
Jackson, Christine
Jackson, Cliff
Jackson, Daisy
Jackson, Don
Jackson, Erika
Jackson, Fiona Gillespie
Jackson, Garfield
Jackson, Glenda
Jackson, Gregory
Jackson, Harold
Jackson, Isaiah
Jackson, Jack
Jackson, Joe
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Laura
Jackson, Laurence
Jackson, Milt
Jackson, Nicholas
Jackson, Oliver
Jackson, Quentin
Jackson, Rowena
Jackson, Samuel Peter
Jackson, Scott
Jackson, Sean
Jackson, Stephen
Jackson, Steven
Jackson, Tim
Jackson, Ty
Jacob Karlzon Trio
Jacobi, Derek
Jacobs, Dick
Jacobs, Patrick
Jacobs, Paul
Jacobs, Pim
Jacobs, René
Jacobs, Ruud
Jacobs, Simon Thomas
Jacobsen, Anne Marit
Jacobsen, Flemming
Jacobsen, John-Eric
Jacobsen, Julius
Jacobson, Harry
Jacobson, Julian
Jacobson, Lena
Jacoby, Gabriele
Jacoby, Ingrid
Jacoby, Josephine
Jacoby, Margret
Jacomucci, Claudio
Jacquemot, Ray
Jacques Loussier Trio
Jacques Metehen Orchestra
Jacques Orchestra, The
Jacques, Reginald
Jacquinot, Fabienne
Jaeb, Mary
Jaenicke, Bruno
Jaenicke, Kate
Jaffe, Claudio
Jaffe, Elli
Jaffe, Ramon
Jagel, Frederic
Jagel, Klaus
Jagelka, Milan
Jager, Robert
Jagodic, David
Jahn, Gertrude
Jähnig, Richard Friedemann

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