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List of Jazz Legends Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Latvian State Choir
Latvian State Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra
Latzko, Reinhard
Lau, Matthew
Laubach, Michael
Laube, Nathan J.
Laubenthal, Horst R.
Laude, Renate
Lauder, Harry
Laudere, Anna
Lauer, David
Lauer, Ernst-Wolfgang
Lauermann, Herbert
Laufer, Wolfgang
Laufkotter, Karl
Laugharne, Ellie
Laughton, Charles
Laukka, Raimo
Laukkanen, Antti
Laul, Peter
Laulun Ystavat Male Choir
Launn, Elliot
Laurel, Stan
Laurence, Amina Annabi
Laurence, Miranda
Laurens, Guillemette
Laurenson, James
Laurent, Francine
Laurentis, Peter De
Laurenza, Marilena
Lauria, Larry
Lauriala, Risto
Laurich, Hildegard
Lauridsen, Beverly
Laurie, John
Laurila-Lili, Mari
Laurin, Dan
Lauring, Gunnar
Lauri-Volpi, Giacomo
Laursen, John
Lausanne Chamber Orchestra
Lause, Hermann
Lautenbacher, Susanne
Lautrup, Tue
Lautten Compagney
Lauwers, Henk
Laux, Stefan
Lavani, Carmen
Lavannes, Charles
Lavender, Justin
LaVere's Chicago Loopers
Lavery, Sharon
Lavogez, Marie-Paule
Lavoipierre, Aino Lund
Lavoisier, Annie
Lavotha, Anette Wistrand
Lavotha, Elemer
Lavrova, Dunja
Lavrova, Tatiana Nikolayevna
Lavrovsky, Mikhail
Law, Carol
Law, Phyllida
Lawaetz, Hans
Lawler, Emmanuel
Lawlor, Michael
Lawlor, Thomas
Lawluvi, Beatrice Dzidzogbe
Lawrence, Ashley
Lawrence, Bob
Lawrence, Carol
Lawrence, Douglas
Lawrence, Gertrude
Lawrence, Gertrude
Lawrence, Lucile
Lawrence, Marjorie
Lawrence, Steve
Lawrence, T. B.
Lawrence, Tom
Lawrence-King, Andrew
Lawrie, Maximilian
Laws, Jerry
Lawson, Dorothy
Lawson, Peter
Lawson, Rex
Lax, Eva
Lay, Jimmy
Layden, Penny
Layendecker, Dennis M.
Layer, Chris
Layer, Friedmann
Layfield, Malcolm
Layne, Joy
Layton, Andrew
Layton, Stephen
Lazar, Ancka
Lazar, Hans-Jurgen
Lazaretti, Bruno
Lazarev, Alexander

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