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List of Jazz Legends Artists arranged in alphabetical order. Read their biographies and listen to their albums online.

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Amato, Vittorio D'
Ambache Chamber Orchestra
Ambache, Diana
Ambar Music Group
Amber Trio Jerusalem
Amberger, Katja
Ambriz, Lourdes
Ambros, Miroslav
Ambrose King, Nancy
Ambrose, Bert
Ambrosian Singers
Ambrosini, Adriano
Ambrosini, Alberto
Ambrosini, Brenno
Ambrosoli, Alessandro
Ambrosova, Zuzana
Ambrus, Ákos
Ambrus, Karoly
Ameche, Jim
Amedeo, Stefania
Amelia Piano Trio
American Bach Soloists
American Bach Soloists Choir
American Bach Soloists Orchestra
American Ballet Theatre
American Baroque
American Brass Quintet
American Concerto Orchestra
American Contemporary Music Ensemble
American Horn Quartet
American Radio Orchestra
American Recording Society Symphony Chorus
American Recording Society Symphony Orchestra, The
American String Quartet, The
American Symphony Orchestra
America's Band in Blue
Ames Brothers, The
Ames Piano Quartet, The
Amherst, Gabriel
Amherst, Tim
Amherst, Timothy
Amici della Polifonia e Voci Per La Musica Chorus
Amici Ensemble
Aminoff, Anna
Aminoff, Petra
Amirkhanian, Charles
Amis, John
Ammann, Marion
Ammersfeld, Anita
Ammetto, Fabrizio
Amoco Renegades
Amoco Renegades Steel Orchestra
Amodio, Davide
Amodio, Nicola
Amonsen, Tina Amon
Amoretti, Alessandro
Amoretti, Ruben
Amori, Prisca
Amorim, Sara
Amoros, Pablo
Amos, David
Amosov, Fedor
Amou, Akie
Amoury, Jerry
Amps, Kym
Amrein, Maya
Amsellem, Norah
Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
Amsterdam Toonkunst Choir
Amsterdam, Chet
Amsterdam, Morey
Amundsen, Monte
An, Jia
Ananian, Paolo
Anastasiadis, Kostas
Anastasov, Ventseslav
Anastassov, Orlin
Ancely, Virgile
Ancerl, Karel
Ancia Saxophone Quartet
Ancillotti, Mario
Anda, Géza
Andaloro, Esther
Andaloro, Giuseppe
Anday, Rosette
Andemicael, Awet
Ander, Bernd
Anderle, Jeff
Anders Dahls Ensemble
Anders Persson Trio
Anders, Peter
Anders, Therese
Andersen, Alf
Andersen, Ditte Hojgaard
Andersen, Frode
Andersen, Marianne E.
Andersen, Miriam
Andersen, Peter
Andersen, Steindor

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