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Joyce's Ulysses: A Guide

Joyce's Ulysses: A Guide

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Ulysses: one of the greatest books ever written, and one of the most challenging.

Joyce’s Ulysses: A Guide opens the door to this 20th-century classic. At the core of the app is the unabridged text with 800 annotations. Encountered a difficulty? Just tap for an explanation!

The award-winning abridged recording of Ulysses by Jim Norton and Marcella Riordan is also contained within, as are recordings of various songs and arias mentioned in the book.

Background material includes the complete text of Homer’s Odyssey, in the new translation by Ian Johnston, alongside an article explaining Ulysses’ connection to it; a biography of Joyce; and articles on the novel’s turbulent publishing history, its translated editions, and the worldwide scholarly industry that has arisen around it.

This is the perfect vehicle for getting to grips with Ulysses: anybody can now demystify ‘the ineluctable modality of the visible’ and delve into the delights of this outstanding work.


“The imaginative thoughtfulness of this iPad app, together with the fact that it includes the entire abridged version of the acclaimed narration of Ulysses by Jim Norton and Marcella Riordan, as well as the soundtracks of the many snatches of opera and popular songs that Joyce refers to, make it a wonderful audio experience at an exceptionally low price.” – The Times

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