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Musical Advent Calendar 2

Musical Advent Calendar 2

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A new day, a new piece of classical music – FREE!

Naxos’s latest musical app for Advent features 25 complete tracks behind numbered doors. Each day, a new door is ‘unlocked’ to reveal a new piece of seasonal music from Naxos’s classical music catalogue.

Tap on a door a day… is it a Christmas carol or an instrumental piece? Is it an old favourite or a new discovery?

Celebrate the Advent season with a new, delightful selection of music tracks from Naxos!

Music includes ‘Gabriel’s Message’, Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’, Bach’s ‘Christmas Oratorio’ and Adams’s ‘O Holy Night’ among much-loved classics and lesser-known gems!

“Naxos is simply an amazing company.”
Fanfare, 2013

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