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Thiele, Richard

  Unsere Marine
1.   Play with flash player Unsere Marine 00:02:23

Goldman, Edwin Franko

  On the Mall
2.   Play with flash player On the Mall 00:03:17

Bidgood, Thomas

  British Legion
3.   Play with flash player British Legion 00:02:01

Chambers, William Paris

  Chicago Tribune
4.   Play with flash player Chicago Tribune 00:03:51

Herbert, Victor
Cray, Robert, arranger(s)

  Babes in Toyland: March of the Toys (arr. R. Cray)
5.   Play with flash player March of the Toys 00:03:56

Coates, Eric

  The Dambusters
6.   Play with flash player The Dambusters 00:03:41

Hall, Robert Browne

  Tenth Regiment March, "Death or Glory"
7.   Play with flash player Tenth Regiment March, "Death or Glory" 00:02:11

Sousa, John Philip

  The Washington Post March
8.   Play with flash player The Washington Post March 00:02:36

Bigelow, Frederick E.

  The NC-4
9.   Play with flash player The NC - 4 00:02:37

Barber, Samuel

  Commando March
10.   Play with flash player Commando March 00:03:20

King, Karl

  Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
11.   Play with flash player Barnum and Bailey's Favorite 00:02:27

Rauski, Joseph Francois
Seredy, J.S., arranger(s)

  French National Defile March (arr. J.S. Seredy)
12.   Play with flash player French National Defile March 00:04:26

Alford, Kenneth J.

  H.M. Jollies
13.   Play with flash player H.M. Jollies 00:02:38

Sousa, John Philip

  Semper Fidelis
14.   Play with flash player Semper Fidelis 00:02:50

Leemans, Pierre

  March of the Belgian Parachutists
15.   Play with flash player March of the Belgian Parachutists 00:04:24

Duble, Charles E.

16.   Play with flash player Bravura 00:03:00

Teike, Carl

  Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades)
17.   Play with flash player Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades) 00:04:43

Goldman, Edwin Franko

  Onward Upward
18.   Play with flash player Onward Upward 00:02:40

King, Karl

  T.M.B. (Thayer Military Band)
19.   Play with flash player T.M.B. (Thayer Military Band) 00:02:32

Dyson, George / Davies, Henry Walford

  Royal Air Force March Past
20.   Play with flash player Royal Air Force March Past 00:03:33

Sousa, John Philip

  The Liberty Bell
21.   Play with flash player The Liberty Bell 00:03:45

Lithgow, Alexander

  The Invercargill March
22.   Play with flash player The Invercargill March 00:03:45

Gruber, Edmund L.

  The Army Goes Rolling Along
23.   Play with flash player The Army Goes Rolling Along 00:01:09

Alexander, Russell

  The Southerner
24.   Play with flash player The Southerner 00:02:37

Reeves, David Wallis

  Second Regiment Connecticut
25.   Play with flash player Second Regiment Connecticut 00:02:29

Total Playing Time: 01:16:51

Alexander, Russell; Alford, Kenneth J.; Barber, Samuel; Bidgood, Thomas; Bigelow, Frederick E.; Chambers, William Paris; Coates, Eric; Davies, Henry Walford; Duble, Charles E.; Dyson, George; Goldman, Edwin Franko; Gruber, Edmund L.; Hall, Robert Browne; Herbert, Victor; King, Karl; Leemans, Pierre; Lithgow, Alexander; Rauski, Joseph Francois; Reeves, David Wallis; Sousa, John Philip; Teike, Carl; Thiele, Richard

Cray, Robert; Seredy, J.S.

Studio conductor,

President's Own United States Marine Band, The

United States Air Force Band of the Golden West; United States Air Force Concert Band; United States Air Forces in Europe Band; United States Armed Forces Bicentennial Band; United States Army Band; United States Army Field Band; United States Coast Guard Band, The; United States Military Academy Band; United States Navy Band, The

Label: Altissimo

Genre: Wind Ensemble/Band Music

Period: 20th Century; Romantic

Catalogue No: 75442255362

Barcode: 754422553629

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Exclusively available for streaming and download. Not available on CD.

Release Date: 2012

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