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Fučík, Julius

  Florentiner-Marsch, Op. 214
1.   Play with flash player Florentiner - Marsch, Op. 214 00:05:50

Boskerck, Francis Saltus van

  Semper Paratus (Always Ready)
2.   Play with flash player Semper Paratus (Always Ready) 00:01:49

Seitz, Roland

3.   Play with flash player Salutation 00:01:59

Crawford, Robert MacArthur

  The U.S. Air Force, "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder"
4.   Play with flash player The U.S. Air Force, "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder" 00:01:12

Alford, Kenneth J.

  Eagle Squadron
5.   Play with flash player Eagle Squadron 00:03:42

Hanssen, Johannes

  Valdres Marsj (Valdres March)
6.   Play with flash player Valdres Marsj (Valdres March) 00:03:42

Hall, Robert Browne

  Officer's Center - Officer of the Day March
7.   Play with flash player Officer's Center - Officer of the Day March 00:02:15

Sousa, John Philip

  The Gallant Seventh
8.   Play with flash player The Gallant Seventh 00:03:12

Hummel, Silas E.

  National Spirit March
9.   Play with flash player National Spirit March 00:03:06

Zehle, Wilhelm

  Viscount Nelson
10.   Play with flash player Viscount Nelson 00:02:44

Jewell, Fred

  E Pluribus Unum
11.   Play with flash player E Pluribus Unum 00:03:22

Fillmore, Henry

  Men of Ohio
12.   Play with flash player Men of Ohio 00:02:24

Panella, Frank

  A Warrior Bold
13.   Play with flash player A Warrior Bold 00:02:47

Farrar, Orion R.

14.   Play with flash player Bombasto 00:02:34

Walton, William

  Crown Imperial
15.   Play with flash player Crown Imperial 00:08:28

Offenbach, Jacques

  The Marines' Hymn
16.   Play with flash player The Marines' Hymn 00:00:55

Sousa, John Philip

  The Thunderer
17.   Play with flash player The Thunderer 00:02:49

Willson, Meredith

  The Music Man: Seventy-Six Trombones
18.   Play with flash player The Music Man: Seventy - Six Trombones 00:05:50

Wagner, Josef Franz

  Unter dem Doppeladler (Under the Double Eagle), Op. 159
19.   Play with flash player Unter dem Doppeladler (Under The Double Eagle), Op. 159 00:02:41

King, Karl

  The Big Cage
20.   Play with flash player The Big Cage 00:01:28

Seitz, Roland

  Brooke's Chicago Marine Band
21.   Play with flash player Brooke's Chicago Marine Band 00:03:00

Goldman, Edwin Franko

  On the Campus
22.   Play with flash player On the Campus 00:02:37

Blankenburg, Hermann Louis

  Gladiator's Farewell
23.   Play with flash player Gladiator's Farewell 00:03:26

Meacham, Frank W.

  American Patrol
24.   Play with flash player American Patrol 00:04:18

Sousa, John Philip

  The Stars and Stripes Forever
25.   Play with flash player The Stars and Stripes Forever 00:03:35

Total Playing Time: 01:19:45

Alford, Kenneth J.; Blankenburg, Hermann Louis; Boskerck, Francis Saltus van; Crawford, Robert MacArthur; Farrar, Orion R.; Fillmore, Henry; Fučík, Julius; Goldman, Edwin Franko; Hall, Robert Browne; Hanssen, Johannes; Hummel, Silas E.; Jewell, Fred; King, Karl; Meacham, Frank W.; Offenbach, Jacques; Panella, Frank; Seitz, Roland; Sousa, John Philip; Wagner, Josef Franz; Walton, William; Willson, Meredith; Zehle, Wilhelm

Studio conductor,

Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band; Band of the United States Air Force Reserve Jazz Ensemble; National Concert Band of America; President's Own United States Marine Band, The; United States Air Force Band; United States Air Force Band of the Rockies; United States Air Force Concert Band; United States Air Force Heritage of America Band; United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band; United States Air Forces in Europe Band; United States Army Band; United States Army Field Band; United States Coast Guard Band, The; United States Military Academy Band; United States Navy Band, The

United States Air Force Singing Sergeants

Label: Altissimo

Genre: Wind Ensemble/Band Music

Period: 20th Century; Romantic

Catalogue No: 75442255402

Barcode: 754422554022

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Exclusively available for streaming and download. Not available on CD.

Release Date: 03/2012

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