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Classical Music Home > SULLIVAN: Pirates of Penzance / Trial by Jury (D'Oyly Carte) (1949)

SULLIVAN: Pirates of Penzance / Trial by Jury (D'Oyly Carte) (1949)


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SULLIVAN: Pirates of Penzance / Trial by Jury (D'Oyly Carte) (1949)

Disc 1

Sullivan, Arthur
Gilbert, W.S., lyricist(s)

  The Pirates of Penzance
1.   Overture 00:07:47
2.   Act I: Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry (Pirates, Samuel) 00:01:38
3.   Act I: When Frederic was a little lad (Ruth) 00:02:18
4.   Act I: Oh, better far th live and die (Pirate King, Pirates) 00:02:21
5.   Act I: Oh, false one, your have deceived me (Frederic, Ruth) 00:02:28
6.   Act I: What shall I do (Frederic) - Climbing over rocky mountain (Ladies, Edith, Kate) 00:04:01
7.   Act I: Stop, ladies, pray! (Frederic, Ladies) 00:01:20
8.   Act I: Oh, is there not one maiden breast (Frederic, Ladies) 00:04:05
9.   Act I: Poor wand'ring one (Mabel, Ladies) 00:02:35
10.   Act I: What ought we to do (Edith, Kate) - How beautifully blue th sky (Ladies, Mabel, Frederic) 00:02:55
11.   Act I: Stay, we must not lose our senses (Frederic, Ladies) 00:00:38
12.   Act I: Here's a first rate opportunity (Pirates, Ladies) 00:00:50
13.   Act I: Hold, monsters (Mabel, Samuel, Ladies, Major - General) 00:00:43
14.   Act I: I am the very model of a modern Major - General (Major - General) 00:02:45
15.   Act I: Oh, men of dark and dismal fate (Major - General) 00:02:24
16.   Act I: I'm telling a terrible story; Act I finale (Major - General, Ladies, Pirates) 00:05:46

Disc 2

Sullivan, Arthur
Gilbert, W.S., lyricist(s)

  The Pirates of Penzance
1.   Act II: O dry the glistening tear (Chorus, Mabel) 00:03:11
2.   Act II: Then Frederic, let your escort (Major - General) 00:00:41
3.   Act II: When foreman bares his steel (Sergeant of Police, Mabel) 00:04:08
4.   Act II: Now for the Pirates' lair (Frederic, Ruth, Pirate King) 00:01:24
5.   Act II: When you had left your pirate fold (Ruth, Pirate King, Frederic) 00:03:27
6.   Act II: Away, away! My heart's on fire (Pirate King, Ruth, Frederic) 00:01:31
7.   Act II: All is prepared (Mabel, Frederic) 00:01:16
8.   Act II: Stay, Frederic, star! (Mabel, Frederic) 00:00:47
9.   Act II: Ah! Leave me not to pine (Mabel, Frederic) 00:03:04
10.   Act II: In 1940 I of age shall be (Frederic, Mabel) 00:01:25
11.   Act II: No, I'll be brave (Mabel) 00:00:26
12.   Act II: Though in body and in mind (Sergeant) 00:00:51
13.   Act II: When a felon's not engaged (Sergeant, Police) 00:02:09
14.   Act II: A rollicking band of pirates we (Pirates, Police, Sergeant) 00:00:51
15.   Act II: With cat - like tread (Pirates, Police, Samuel) 00:02:39
16.   Act II: Hush, hush, not a word (Frederic, Pirates, Major - General) 00:01:27
17.   Act II: Sighing sofily to the river (Major - General) 00:01:29
18.   Act II: Now what is this - Finale (Ladies, Pirate King, Pirates, Major - General, Police, Sergeant, Frederic, Ruth) 00:06:19
  Trial By Jury
19.   Hark the hour of ten is sounding (Chorus) 00:01:23
20.   Now jurymen, hear my advice (Usher) 00:01:49
21.   Is this the court of the exchequer (Defendant) 00:00:55
22.   When first my old, old love I knew (Defendant) 00:01:45
23.   Oh, I was like that (Jurymen) 00:00:59
24.   All hail great judge (Chorus) 00:01:19
25.   For these kind words (Judge) 00:01:26
26.   When I, good friends (Judge) 00:02:55
27.   Swear thou, the jury! (Counsel, Usher) 00:01:51
28.   Comes the broken flower (Chorus of bridesmaids) 00:01:20
29.   O'er the season vernal (Plaintiff) 00:01:08
30.   Oh never never never (Judge) 00:01:14
31.   May if please you, my lud (Counsel for plaintiff) 00:03:04
32.   That she is reeling (Judge) 00:00:54
33.   Oh gentlemen, listen, I pray (Defendant) 00:01:47
34.   But I submit, m'lud (Counsel) 00:00:57
35.   A nice dilemma we have here (Judge, Counsel, Defendant, Plaintiff) 00:02:31
36.   I love him - I smoke like a furnace (Plaintiff, Defendant) 00:01:30
37.   The question, gentlemen (Judge) 00:01:22
38.   Oh joy unbounded (Plaintiff, Counsel, Defendant, Judge, All) 00:01:59

Total Playing Time: 01:53:47

Sullivan, Arthur

Gilbert, W.S.

Godfrey, Isidore

New Promenade Orchestra

D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus

Fancourt, Darrell; Flynn, Radley; Gillingham, Joan; Green, Martyn; Halman, Ella; Harding, Muriel; Harris, Donald; Osborn, Leonard; Rands, Leslie; Watson, Richard; Wright, Joyce

Label: Naxos Historical

Genre: Operetta

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.110196-97

Barcode: 0636943119624

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 02/2002

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