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Classical Music Home > WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Furtwängler) (1952)

WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Furtwängler) (1952)


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About this Recording

WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Furtwängler) (1952)

Disc 1

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Tristan und Isolde
1.   Prelude 00:11:00
2.   Act I Scene 1: Westwarts schweift der Blick (A young sailor, Isolde, Brangane) 00:06:27
3.   Act I Scene 2: Frisch weht der Wind (A young sailor, Isolde, Brangane, Kurwenal, Tristan, Sailors) 00:10:04
4.   Act I Scene 3: Weh, ach wehe! Dies zu dulden! (Brangane, Isolde) 00:02:02
5.   Act I Scene 3: Wie lachend sie mir Lieder singen (Isolde, Brangane) 00:07:13
6.   Act I Scene 3: Da Friede, Suhn' und Freundschaft (Brangane, Isolde, Sailors) 00:12:28
7.   Act I Scene 4: Auf! Auf! Ihr Frauen! (Kurwenal, Isolde, Brangane) 00:08:16
8.   Act I Scene 5: Begehrt, Herrin, was ihr wunscht (Tristan, Isolde) 00:09:27

Disc 2

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Tristan und Isolde
1.   Act I Scene 5: War Morold dir so wert (Tristan, Isolde, Sailors) 00:11:30
2.   Act I Scene 5: Tristan!... Isolde! (Isolde, Tristan, Men's Voices, Brangane, Kurwenal, Sailors) 00:06:59
3.   Act II: Prelude 00:02:35
4.   Act II Scene 1: Horst du sie noch (Isolde, Brangane) 00:12:37
5.   Act II Scene 2: Isolde! Geliebte!... Tristan! Geliebter! (Tristan, Isolde) 00:10:15
6.   Act II Scene 2: Getauscht von ihm, der dich getauscht (Isolde, Tristan) 00:09:26
7.   Act II Scene 2: O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe (Tristan, Isolde) 00:05:51
8.   Act II Scene 2: Einsam wachend in der Nacht (Brangane, Isolde, Tristan) 00:08:40

Disc 3

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Tristan und Isolde
1.   Act II Scene 2: Doch unsre Liebe (Tristan, Isolde, Brangane) 00:11:26
2.   Act II Scene 3: Rette dich, Tristan! (Kurwenal, Tristan, Melot) 00:01:59
3.   Act II Scene 3: Tatest du's wirklich (Marke, Tristan) 00:13:54
4.   Act II Scene 3: O Konig, das kann ich dir nicht sagen (Tristan, Isolde, Melot) 00:09:51
5.   Act III: Prelude 00:07:24
6.   Act III Scene 1: Kurwenal! He! Sag, Kurwenal! (A Shepherd, Kurwenal, Tristan) 00:11:30
7.   Act III Scene 1: Wo ich erwacht, weilt' ich nicht (Tristan, Kurwenal) 00:08:06

Disc 4

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Tristan und Isolde
1.   Act III Scene 1: Noch losch das Licht nicht aus (Tristan, Kurwenal) 00:05:43
2.   Act III Scene 1: Noch ist kein Schiff zu sehn! (Kurwenal, Tristan) 00:11:14
3.   Act III Scene 1: Mein Herre! Tristan! (Kurwenal, Tristan) 00:04:43
4.   Act III Scene 1: Wie sie selig, hehr und milde (Tristan, Kurwenal) 00:07:10
5.   Act III Scene 2: O diese Sonne! (Tristan, Isolde) 00:03:49
6.   Act III Scene 2: Ich bin's, ich bin's (Isolde) 00:06:26
7.   Act III Scene 3: Kurwenal! Hor! Ein zweites Schiff (A Shepherd, Kurwenal, Helmsman, Brangane, Melot, Marke) 00:09:44
8.   Act III Scene 3: Mild und leise wie er lachelt (Isolde) 00:07:10

Total Playing Time: 04:14:59

Wagner, Richard

Wagner, Richard

Furtwängler, Wilhelm

Philharmonia Orchestra

Royal Opera House Chorus, Covent Garden

Davies, Rhoderick; Evans, Edgar; Flagstad, Kirsten; Greindl, Josef; Schock, Rudolf; Stemme, Nina; Suthaus, Ludwig; Thebom, Blanche

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.110321-24

Barcode: 0636943132128

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 03/2004

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