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Classical Music Home > WAGNER: Walkure (Die) (Modl, Rysanek, Furtwangler) (1954)

WAGNER: Walkure (Die) (Modl, Rysanek, Furtwangler) (1954)


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About this Recording

WAGNER: Walkure (Die) (Modl, Rysanek, Furtwangler) (1954)

This memorable 1954 recording of Die Walküre was both the first complete studio recording of the opera, and the last studio recording made by Wilhelm Furtwängler, who would die less than two months later. The first review of the recording, in the September 1955 issue of The Gramophone described Furtwängler and the Vienna Philharmonic as “the bright particular stars of this performance … every department of the finest quality … so [the opera] shines and glows with light and warmth under Furtwängler’s inspired direction”. There are no better illustrations of Furtwängler’s lasting reputation than this Walküre and his superb 1952 and 1953 recordings of Tristan und Isolde (Naxos 8.110321-24) and Fidelio (Naxos 8.111020-21), Furtwängler’s only studio recordings of complete operas.

Disc 1

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Die Walkure
1.   Act I: Vorspiel 00:03:58
2.   Act I Scene 1: Wes Herd dies auch sei (Siegmund, Sieglinde) 00:09:38
3.   Act I Scene 1: Einen Unseligen labtest du (Siegmund, Sieglinde) 00:03:45
4.   Act I Scene 2: Mud am Herd fand ich den Mann (Sieglinde, Hunding, Siegmund) 00:04:44
5.   Act I Scene 2: Friedmund darf ich nicht heissen (Siegmund, Hunding, Sieglinde) 00:06:33
6.   Act I Scene 2: Ein trauriges Kind rief mich zum Trutz (Siegmund) 00:03:20
7.   Act I Scene 2: Ich weiss ein wildes Geschlecht (Hunding) 00:05:51
8.   Act I Scene 3: Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater (Siegmund, Sieglinde) 00:07:13
9.   Act I Scene 3: Der Manner Sippe sass hier im Saal (Sieglinde, Siegmund) 00:05:49
10.   Act I Scene 3: Wintersturme wichen dem Wonnemond (Siegmund) 00:03:01
11.   Act I Scene 3: Du bist der Lenz (Sieglinde, Siegmund) 00:08:23
12.   Act I Scene 3: Siegmund heiss ich und Siegmund bin ich! (Siegmund, Sieglinde) 00:03:54
13.   Act II: Vorspiel 00:02:03
14.   Act II Scene 1: Nun zaume dein Ross, reisige Maid! (Wotan, Brunnhilde) 00:02:58

Disc 2

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Die Walkure
1.   Act II Scene 1: Der alte Sturm, die alte Muh'! (Wotan, Fricka) 00:04:22
2.   Act II Scene 1: So ist es denn aus mit den ewigen Gottern (Fricka, Wotan) 00:02:53
3.   Act II Scene 1: Nichts lerntest du, wollt' ich dich lehren (Wotan, Fricka) 00:05:31
4.   Act II Scene 1: Was verlangst du (Wotan, Fricka, Brunnhilde) 00:02:18
5.   Act II Scene 1: Deiner ew'gen Gattin heilige Ehre (Fricka, Wotan) 00:02:15
6.   Act II Scene 2: Schlimm, furcht' ich, schloss der Streit (Brunnhilde, Wotan) 00:01:37
7.   Act II Scene 2: O heilige Schmach! (Wotan, Brunnhilde) 00:04:09
8.   Act II Scene 2: Als junger Liebe Lust mir verblich (Wotan, Brunnhilde) 00:14:39
9.   Act II Scene 2: So nimm meinen Segen, Niblungen - Sohn! (Wotan, Brunnhilde) 00:08:25
10.   Act II Scene 3: Raste nun hier; gonne dir Ruh'! (Siegmund, Sieglinde) 00:03:50
11.   Act II Scene 3: Hinweg! Hinweg! Flieh' die Entweihte! (Sieglinde, Siegmund) 00:05:03
12.   Act II Scene 3: Horch! O horch! Das ist Hundings Horn! (Sieglinde, Siegmund) 00:02:43
13.   Act II Scene 4: Siegmund! Sieh auf mich! (Brunnhilde, Siegmund) 00:10:51
14.   Act II Scene 4: Du sahest der Walkure sehrenden Blick (Brunnhilde, Siegmund) 00:09:30

Disc 3

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

  Die Walkure
1.   Act II Scene 5: Zauberfest bezahmt ein Schlaf (Siegmund, Sieglinde) 00:04:35
2.   Act II Scene 5: Wehwalt! Wehwalt! (Hunding, Siegmund, Sieglinde, Brunnhilde, Wotan) 00:02:52
3.   Act II Scene 5: Geh' hin, Knecht! Kniee vor Fricka (Wotan) 00:01:46
4.   Act III Scene 1: Hojotoho! Hojotoho! (The Valkyries), "Ride of the Valkyries" 00:08:04
5.   Act III Scene 1: Schutzt mich und helft in hochster Not! (Brunnhilde, The Valkyries, Sieglinde) 00:05:07
6.   Act III Scene 1: Rette mich, Kuhne! (Sieglinde, The Valkyries, Brunnhilde, Wotan) 00:04:54
7.   Act III Scene 2: Wo ist Brunnhild', wo die Verbrecherin (Wotan, The Valkyries) 00:03:58
8.   Act III Scene 2: Hier bin ich, Vater: gebiete die Strafe! (Brunnhilde, Wotan, The Valkyries) 00:09:20
9.   Act III Scene 3: War es so schmahlich, was ich verbrach (Brunnhilde, Wotan) 00:11:37
10.   Act III Scene 3: So tatest du, was so gern zu tun ich begehrt (Wotan, Brunnhilde) 00:05:20
11.   Act III Scene 3: Du zeugtest ein edles Geschlecht (Brunnhilde, Wotan) 00:05:27
12.   Act III Scene 3: Leb' wohl, du kuhnes, herrliches Kind! (Wotan), "Wotan's Farewell" 00:07:57
13.   Act III Scene 3: Der Augen leuchtendes Paar (Wotan) 00:02:47
14.   Act III Scene 3: Loge, hor'! Lausche hieher! (Wotan) - Feuerzauber (Magic Fire Music) 00:01:19
15.   Act III Scene 3: Wer meines Speeres Spitze furchtet (Wotan) 00:03:27

Total Playing Time: 03:47:46

Wagner, Richard

Wagner, Richard

Furtwängler, Wilhelm

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Blatter, Johanna; Frantz, Ferdinand; Frick, Gottlob; Hellwig, Judith; Hermann, Dagmar; Klose, Margarete; Köth, Erika; Modl, Martha; Rysanek, Leonie; Schmedes, Dagmar; Schreyer, Gerda; Siewert, Ruth; Suthaus, Ludwig; Töpper, Hertha

Label: Naxos Historical

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111056-58

Barcode: 0747313305629

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 10/2006

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