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Classical Music Home > PUCCINI, G.: Turandot (Callas, Fernandi, Schwarzkopf, La Scala, Serafin) (1957)

PUCCINI, G.: Turandot (Callas, Fernandi, Schwarzkopf, La Scala, Serafin) (1957)


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About this Recording

PUCCINI, G.: Turandot (Callas, Fernandi, Schwarzkopf, La Scala, Serafin) (1957)

Puccini’s Turandot , first performed in 1926, was the only work in which Callas sang that was younger than herself and is a perfect vehicle for a dramatic soprano with a steady, steely and brilliant voice capable of rising to top C.Although she had last sung the strenuously demanding title rôle on stage in 1949, her subtlety is apparent in this dramatically and musically effective 1957 recording. Schwarzkopf (Liù) and Fernandi (Calaf) perfectly complement Callas as the legendary Chinese princess whose icy heart is melted by the power of love.

Disc 1

Puccini, Giacomo
Adami, Giuseppe / Simoni, Renato / Adami, Giuseppe / Simoni, Renato, lyricist(s)

1.   Act I: Popolo di Pekino! (Mandarin, Crowd, Liu) 00:02:52
2.   Act I: Padre! Mio padre! (The Unknown Prince, Liu, Crowd, Timur) 00:01:30
3.   Act I: Perduta la battaglia (Timur, Prince, Liu, Crowd) 00:01:11
4.   Act I: Gira la cote! Gira! (Crowd, Executioner's men) 00:02:31
5.   Act I: Perche tarda la luna (Crowd) 00:03:46
6.   Act I: La, sui monti dell'est (Boys) 00:01:13
7.   Act I: O giovinetto! (Crowd, Prince, White Priest) 00:05:10
8.   Act I: Figlio, che fai (Timur, Prince, Liu, Crowd) 00:01:36
9.   Act I: Fermo! Che fai T'arresta! (Ministers, Prince) 00:01:51
10.   Act I: Silenzio, ola! (Handmaids, Ministers, Prince) 00:01:22
11.   Act I: Guardalo, Pong! (Ministers, Timur) 00:00:58
12.   Act I: Non indugiare! (Ghosts, Prince, Ministers, Timur) 00:02:12
13.   Act I: Signore, ascolta! (Liu) 00:02:25
14.   Act I: Non piangere, Liu! (Prince, Liu, Timur) 00:02:16
15.   Act I: Ah! Per l'ultima volta (Timur, Liu, Ministers, Prince, Chorus) 00:02:24
16.   Act II Scene 1: Ola Pang, Ola, Pong (Ministers) 00:01:32
17.   Act II Scene 1: O Cina, o Cina (Ministers) 00:02:07
18.   Act II Scene 1: Ho una casa nell'Honan (Ministers) 00:03:17
19.   Act II Scene 1: O mondo, pieno di pazzi innamorati (Ministers, Chorus) 00:01:11
20.   Act II Scene 1: Addio, amore (Ministers) 00:02:52
21.   Act II Scene 1: Noi si sogna (Ministers) 00:00:25
22.   Act II Scene 2: Gravi, enormi ed imponenti (Crowd) 00:04:21
23.   Act II Scene 2: Un giuramento atroce mi costringe (Emperor, Prince) 00:03:16
24.   Act II Scene 2: Diecimila anni al nostro Imperatore (Crowd, Mandarin, Boys) 00:03:04
25.   Act II Scene 2: In questa reggia (Turandot, Crowd, Prince) 00:06:21
26.   Act II Scene 2: Straniero, ascolta! Nella cupa notte (Turandot, Prince, Wise Men) 00:02:28
27.   Act II Scene 2: Guizza al pari di fiamma (Turandot, Emperor, Crowd, Liu, Prince, Wise Men) 00:02:20
28.   Act II Scene 2: Gelo che ti da foco (Turandot, Prince, Wise Men, Crowd) 00:02:24
29.   Act II Scene 2: Gloria, o vincitore! (Crowd) 00:01:01
30.   Act II Scene 2: Figlio del cielo! (Turandot, Emperor, Crowd, Prince) 00:02:55
31.   Act II Scene 2: Tre enigmi m'hai proposto (Prince, Emperor) 00:02:15
32.   Act II Scene 2: Ai tuoi piedi ci prostriam (Crowd) 00:02:21

Disc 2

Puccini, Giacomo
Adami, Giuseppe / Simoni, Renato / Adami, Giuseppe / Simoni, Renato, lyricist(s)

1.   Act III Scene 1: Così comanda Turandot (Heralds, Distant voices) 00:03:23
2.   Act III Scene 1: Nessun dorma! (Prince, Women's voices) 00:02:54
3.   Act III Scene 1: Tu che guardi le stelle (Ministers, Prince, Women, Crowd, Soldiers) 00:03:49
4.   Act III Scene 1: Principessa divina! (Ping, Turandot, Prince, Liu, Crowd) 00:02:45
5.   Act III Scene 1: Quel nome! (Ping, Liu, Timur, Prince, Crowd, Turandot) 00:01:21
6.   Act III Scene 1: L'amore… Tanto amore, segreto e inconfessato (Turandot, Liu, Ping, Prince, Crowd) 00:03:20
7.   Act III Scene 1: Tu, che di gel sei cinta (Liu, Crowd, Prince, Timur, Ping) 00:05:32
8.   Act III Scene 1: Liu… bonta! (Timur, Ministers, Crowd) 00:02:57
9.   Act III Scene 1: Principessa di morte! (Prince, Turandot) 00:03:21
10.   Act III Scene 1: Che e mai di me Perduta! (Turandot, Prince, Chorus) 00:03:14
11.   Act III Scene 1: Del primo pianto, si… La mia gloria e il tuo amplesso! (Turandot, Prince) 00:05:10
12.   Act III Scene 2: Diecimila anni al nostro Imperatore! (Crowd, Turandot) 00:03:30

Total Playing Time: 01:58:43

Puccini, Giacomo

Adami, Giuseppe; Simoni, Renato

Serafin, Tullio

Milan La Scala Orchestra

Milan La Scala Chorus

Borriello, Mario; Callas, Maria; De Palma, Piero; Ercolani, Renato; Fernandi, Eugenio; Fusco, Elisabetta; Mauri, Giulio; Nessi, Giuseppe; Perotti, Pinuccia; Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth; Zaccaria, Nicola

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111334-35

Barcode: 0747313333424

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions.

Physical Release: 01/2009

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