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Classical Music Home > MENOTTI, G.C.: Maria Golovin [Opera] (Duval, Cross, Neway, Las, Handt, P.H. Adler)

MENOTTI, G.C.: Maria Golovin [Opera] (Duval, Cross, Neway, Las, Handt, P.H. Adler)


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About this Recording

MENOTTI, G.C.: Maria Golovin [Opera] (Duval, Cross, Neway, Las, Handt, P.H. Adler)

Menotti’s powerful romantic opera Maria Golovin explores the issues of love and jealousy. It premièred in Brussels in 1958, transferring to Broadway toward the end of the year, but closed after only five performances. The composer himself described it as ‘his unlucky work’. Between these two dates RCA recorded the work in Rome with an outstanding cast of Menotti regulars, such as Patricia Neway, and brilliant newcomers like Richard Cross. The LP is rare and this is its first reissue in 50 years. Another rarity is Tossy Spivakovsky’s still-unequalled 1954 performance of the Violin Concerto, which is filled with memorable themes and is a superb vehicle for the solo violin.

Disc 1

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  Maria Golovin
1.   Act I Scene 1: Introduction 00:02:09
2.   Act I Scene 1: One … two … three … Good heavens! (Agata) 00:01:49
3.   Act I Scene 1: This way, come in, come in! (Mother, Zuckertanz, Donato, Maria) 00:03:07
4.   Act I Scene 1: This is a sad place to take a little boy! (Agata, Donato) 00:02:17
5.   Act I Scene 1: … and eight and nine and ten and hop la la! (Mother, Agata) 00:01:48
6.   Act I Scene 1: Who is there Is there someone (Donato, Maria) 00:03:09
7.   Act I Scene 1: Tell me the truth (Donato, Maria) 00:04:33
8.   Act I Scene 1: I will pose for you as long as you like (Donato, Maria) 00:03:22
9.   Act I Scene 1: … you must be careful not to play near the lake (Mother, Zuckertanz, Maria, Donato) 00:04:02
10.   Act I Scene 2: Aren't you ready yet (Donato, Agata, Mother) 00:03:09
11.   Act I Scene 2: Let us sit by the fire (Donato, Maria) 00:04:31
12.   Act I Scene 2: Ah Maria, Maria, if you could only see (Donato, Maria) 00:06:13
13.   Act I Scene 2: The prisoners … (Maria, Donato, Trottolo) 00:02:49
14.   Act II Scene 1: What is it (Donato, Agata) 00:03:45
15.   Act II Scene 1: What is it (Donato, Prisoner, Agata, Maria) 00:01:51
16.   Act II Scene 1: Oh I am so tired, so tired (Maria, Mother, Donato, Zuckertanz) 00:04:41
17.   Act II Scene 1: Maria … Yes, Donato (Donato, Maria, Mother) 00:03:21
18.   Act II Scene 1: You know, I feel like a girl again (Maria, Donato, Mother, Agata) 00:06:05
19.   Act II Scene 2: There you are! (Mother, Maria, Zuckertanz, Donato) 00:03:21
20.   Act II Scene 2: Yes, I must leave you, Donato (Maria, Donato, Agata) 00:03:43
21.   Act II Scene 2: Maria. Forgive me (Donato, Maria, Prisoner) 00:03:05
22.   Act II Scene 2: No, I do not understand a man like you (Prisoner, Donato) 00:04:47

Disc 2

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  Maria Golovin
1.   Act III Scene 1: Introduction 00:03:20
2.   Act III Scene 1: I'm afraid this is all we have (Mother, Zuckertanz, Maria) 00:03:25
3.   Act III Scene 1: Quando di fuoco si fa la laguna (Maria, Zuckertanz, Mother, Agata, Donato) 00:03:37
4.   Act III Scene 2: This is the largest one I have (Mother, Maria) 00:03:38
5.   Act III Scene 2: You are unfair, Madame, and you know it (Maria, Mother, Donato) 00:03:57
6.   Act III Scene 2: Have you told him (Donato, Maria) 00:02:46
7.   Act III Scene 2: Oh, how different is the world once I lie in your arms (Donato, Maria) 00:05:52
8.   Act III Scene 3: What time is it (Donato, Mother, Agata) 00:06:34
9.   Act III Scene 3: At last, my darling (Maria, Donato, Mother, Zuckertanz) 00:05:21

Menotti, Gian Carlo

  Violin Concerto in A Minor
10.   I. Allegro moderato 00:12:12
11.   II. Adagio 00:08:10
12.   III. Allegro vivace 00:07:06

Total Playing Time: 02:23:35

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Adler, Peter Herman; Munch, Charles

Boston Symphony Orchestra; Studio orchestra

Studio chorus

Chapman, William; Cross, Richard; Duval, Franca; Handt, Herbert; Las, Genia; Muti, Lorenzo; Neway, Patricia; Spivakovsky, Tossy

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Concerto; Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.111376-77

Barcode: 747313337620

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions.

Physical Release: 10/2011

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