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ROSSI, Tino: Ecoutez les mandolines (1933-1950)



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ROSSI, Tino: Ecoutez les mandolines (1933-1950)

Scotto, Vincent
Audiffred, Emile-Marius / Koger, Geo / Rodor, Jean, lyricist(s)

  Ecoutez les mandolines
1.   Play with flash player Ecoutez les mandolin 00:03:24


  Pourquoi, quand je te dis 'Je t'aime'
2.   Play with flash player Pourquoi, quand je ti dis 'Je ta'aime' 00:03:25


3.   Play with flash player Berceuse 00:02:54

Scotto, Vincent
Koger, George / Pujol, Rene, lyricist(s)

4.   Play with flash player Marinella 00:03:19

LaCalle, Joseph M.
LaCalle, Joseph M., lyricist(s)

5.   Play with flash player Amapola 00:03:07

Schmidseder, Ludwig

  Guitare d'amour
6.   Play with flash player Guitare d'amour 00:03:11

Pearly, Fred

7.   Play with flash player Toi 00:03:11

Cab, Marc / Ala, Sergio

  Le secret de tes caresses
8.   Play with flash player Le secret de tes caresses 00:03:18

  Il pleut sur la route
9.   Play with flash player Il pleut sur la route 00:03:21

Bixio, Carlo / Cab, Marc

  Un violon dans la nuit
10.   Play with flash player Un violon dans la nuit 00:03:20

Scotto, Vincent
Koger, Geo / Vendresse, Henri, lyricist(s)

  Bella ragazzina
11.   Play with flash player Bella ragazzina 00:03:02

Scotto, Vincent

  Rien qu'un chant d'amour
12.   Play with flash player Rien qu'un chant d'amour 00:03:09

Rene, Henri
Poterat, Louis, lyricist(s)

  Le bateau des iles
13.   Play with flash player Le bateau des iles 00:03:21

Scotto, Vincent

  La belle conga
14.   Play with flash player Le belle conga 00:02:20

Lazzaro, Eldo di

15.   Play with flash player Reginella 00:02:57

Bourtayre, Henri

  Tout bleu
16.   Play with flash player Tout bleu 00:03:14

Humel, Charles

  Midinette de Paris
17.   Play with flash player Midinette de Paris 00:03:31

Farrés, Osvaldo

  Plus je vous aime
18.   Play with flash player Plus je vous aime 00:03:14


  Cerisier rose et pommier blanc
19.   Play with flash player Cerisier rose et pommier blanc 00:03:29

Total Playing Time: 01:00:47

Ala, Sergio; Bixio, Carlo; Bobby; Bourtayre, Henri; Cab, Marc; Farrés, Osvaldo; Humel, Charles; LaCalle, Joseph M.; Lazzaro, Eldo di; Louiguy; Pearly, Fred; Rene, Henri; Schmidseder, Ludwig; Scotto, Vincent; Traditional

Audiffred, Emile-Marius; Chamfleury, Robert; Koger, Geo; Koger, George; LaCalle, Joseph M.; Poterat, Louis; Pujol, Rene; Rodor, Jean; Vendresse, Henri

Albert Lasry Orchestra; Marcel Cariven Orchestra; Pierre Chagnon Orchestra; Raymond Legrand Orchestra

Agostini Trio

Rossi, Tino

Label: Naxos Nostalgia

Genre: Nostalgia

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.120594

Barcode: 0636943259429

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Release Date: 07/2002

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