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SHELTON, Anne: Fools Rush In (1940-1941)



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SHELTON, Anne: Fools Rush In (1940-1941)

Maschwitz, Eric
Sherwin, Manning, lyricist(s)

  A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
1.   Play with flash player A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 00:03:12

Mercer, Johnny / Bloom, Rube

  Fools Rush In
2.   Play with flash player Fools Rush In 00:03:32

Flynn, Allan / Madden, Frank
Flynn, Allan / Madden, Frank, lyricist(s)

3.   Play with flash player Maybe 00:03:12

Rose, Vincent
Lewis, Al / Rose, Vincent, lyricist(s)

  Blueberry Hill
4.   Play with flash player Blueberry Hill 00:03:13

Robertson, Dick / Cogane, Nelson / Mysels, Sammy

  We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
5.   Play with flash player We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me) 00:03:13

Monaco, James V.
Burke, Johnny, lyricist(s)

  Only Forever
6.   Play with flash player Only Forever 00:03:27

Edens, Roger
Freed, Arthur, lyricist(s)

  Our Love Affair
7.   Play with flash player Our Love Affair 00:02:25

Schwartz, Arthur
Dietz, Howard, lyricist(s)

  Something To Remember You By
8.   Play with flash player Something To Remember You By 00:03:07

Handy, William Christopher

  St. Louis Blues
9.   Play with flash player St. Louis Blues 00:02:37

Heneker, David

  Moonlight In Mexico
10.   Play with flash player Moonlight In Mexico 00:03:05

Jacobs, Roy

  The Boogie-Woogly Piggy
11.   Play with flash player The Boogie - Woogly Piggy 00:03:04

Durham, Eddie / Seiler, Eddie / Marcus, Sol

  I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
12.   Play with flash player I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire 00:02:59

Posford, George

  It's A Small World
13.   Play with flash player It's A Small World 00:02:38

Popplewell, Jack
Carr, Michael, lyricist(s)

  You're In My Arms
14.   Play with flash player You're In My Arms 00:03:08

Warren, Harry

  I Know Why (And So Do You)
15.   Play with flash player I Know Why (And So Do You) 00:03:22

Guest, Val
Sherwin, Manning, lyricist(s)

  Wrap Yourself In Cotton Wool
16.   Play with flash player Wrap Yourself In Cotton Wool 00:03:14

Loesser, Frank / Schertzinger, Victor

  Kiss The Boys Goodbye
17.   Play with flash player Kiss The Boys Goodbye 00:03:01

Stranks, Alan
Pattison, Pat, lyricist(s)

  When Night Is Thru
18.   Play with flash player When Night Is Thru 00:03:19

  Goodnight Again
19.   Play with flash player Goodnight Again 00:03:29

Total Playing Time: 00:59:17

Bloom, Rube; Cogane, Nelson; Durham, Eddie; Edens, Roger; Flynn, Allan; Guest, Val; Handy, William Christopher; Heneker, David; Jacobs, Roy; Loesser, Frank; Madden, Frank; Marcus, Sol; Maschwitz, Eric; Mercer, Johnny; Monaco, James V.; Mysels, Sammy; Popplewell, Jack; Posford, George; Robertson, Dick; Rose, Vincent; Schertzinger, Victor; Schwartz, Arthur; Seiler, Eddie; Stranks, Alan; Warren, Harry

Burke, Johnny; Carr, Michael; Dietz, Howard; Flynn, Allan; Freed, Arthur; Lewis, Al; Madden, Frank; Magidson, Herb; Pattison, Pat; Rose, Vincent; Sherwin, Manning

Ambrose, Bert

Bert Ambrose Orchestra

Black, Stanley; Shelton, Anne

Label: Naxos Nostalgia

Genre: Nostalgia

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.120663

Barcode: 0636943266328

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Release Date: 01/2003

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