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Classical Music Home > NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, 'For a Change'

NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, 'For a Change'



NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, 'For a Change'

Disc 1

Nørgård, Per

  Siddharta (Play for the Expected One)
1.   Act I: Introduction 'Folket straler, lyser' (Suddhodana) (Prajapati) 00:06:52
2.   Act I: 'Musik!' (Suddhodana) (Prajapati) 00:06:35
3.   Act I: 'Se: Maya star sa ene' (Prajapati) 00:02:15
4.   Act I: 'Se Maya danser' (Prajapati) 00:04:12
5.   Act I: 'Hor, Maya har fodt' 00:01:54
6.   Act I: 'Gik mod nord' (Suddhodana) 00:02:43
7.   Act I: 'Han vil se' (Suddhodana) 00:01:40
8.   Act I: 'Al jordens lyst skal binde ham' (Suddhodana) (Prajapati) 00:06:10
9.   Act I: 'Sorgen har ramt os' (Prajapati) 00:03:32
10.   Act II: Introduction 00:02:38
11.   Act II: 'Nu straler dagens lys' (Suddhodana) 00:01:45
12.   Act II: 'Men under hver blomst' (Prajapati) (Suddhodana) 00:05:53
13.   Act II: 'Se der! Hven danser' (Suddhodana) (Siddharta) (Yasodhara) 00:07:50
14.   Act II: 'Elskov er grusom' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta) (Prajapati) (Suddhodana) 00:01:53
15.   Act II: Contest 00:05:55
16.   Act II: Yasodhara: der er du' (Siddharta) (Yasodhara) 00:01:54
17.   Act II: 'Bryllup, Bryllup nu!' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta) (Prajapati) (Suddhodana) 00:06:24
18.   Act II: 'Selv nu er jeg bange' (Prajapati) 00:03:00

Disc 2

Nørgård, Per

  Siddharta (Play for the Expected One)
1.   Act III: Introduction 00:02:42
2.   Act III: 'Mragatrashana, tryllerske tryl for os' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta) 00:07:43
3.   Act III: 'Forunderlige Amra' (Siddharta) (Yasodhara) 00:05:00
4.   Act III: 'Hun er syg, hun er syg, syg' (Siddharta) 00:09:20
5.   Act III: 'Sa er det sket' (Prajapati) 00:04:22
6.   Act III: 'I denne nat' (Yasodhara) (Prajapati) (Suddhodana) 00:03:32
7.   Act III: 'Ja min fader' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta) 00:04:34
  For a Change (Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra)
8.   Thunder Repeated: The Image of Shock 00:07:44
9.   The Taming Power of The Small 00:01:51
10.   The Gentle, The Penetrating 00:07:00
11.   Towards Completion: Fire Over Water 00:09:40

Total Playing Time: 02:16:33

Nørgård, Per

Latham-Koenig, Jan

Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

Danish National Radio Choir

Andersen, Stig Fogh; Christiansen, Christian; Elming, Poul; Frellesvig, Anne; Frieboe, Birgitte; Guillaume, Edith; Harbo, Erik; Haugland, Aage; Janken, Kim; Kiberg, Tina; Mortensen, Gert; Nyhus, Minna

Label: Dacapo

Genre: Concerto; Opera

Catalogue No: 8.224031-32

Barcode: 0730099973120

Physical Release: 05/1995

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