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Classical Music Home > ENNA: Lille pige med svovlstikkerne (Den) / ZEMLINSKY: Die Seejungfrau

ENNA: Lille pige med svovlstikkerne (Den) / ZEMLINSKY: Die Seejungfrau




ENNA: Lille pige med svovlstikkerne (Den) / ZEMLINSKY: Die Seejungfrau

Enna, August
Rode, Ove, lyricist(s)

  Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne (The Little Match Girl)
1.   Play with flash player Prelude 00:05:28
2.   Play with flash player Hvilken traegsel, hvor man larmer! (On what thronging, and what noises!) (Chorus) 00:01:54
3.   Play with flash player Kob blot et bundt! (Buy but one box!) (Marie) 00:04:49
4.   Play with flash player Ah, hvor jeg dog fryser (Oh, how I am shivering!) (Marie) 00:03:04
5.   Play with flash player Pandeben, godt det gror (Little brow, tiny now) (The Lady) 00:02:11
6.   Play with flash player Ah nej, nu gik det bort ('Tis gone, the lovely dream!) (Marie) 00:01:03
7.   Play with flash player Hor vaegter, klokken er slagen tolv! (Hear ye, people, just has the clock struck twelve!) (The Watchmen) 00:01:52
8.   Play with flash player Nu gik de bort! Oh, tag mig med! (Oh take me with you! I pray!) (Marie) 00:02:03
9.   Play with flash player En, to, tre, nu skal I bare se! (Come and see what's on this Christmas tree) (Ladies, Children, Marie) 00:01:43
10.   Play with flash player De mange lys blev pustet ud (The many lights, they've all gone out) (Marie, Children, Ladies) 00:02:55
11.   Play with flash player Mor! Mor! Hvor er du henne (Mother! Mother! Where art thou) (Marie) 00:06:07
12.   Play with flash player Barn Jesus i en krybbe la (The Christ - child in the manger lay) (Chorus) 00:01:56

Zemlinsky, Alexander

  Die Seejungfrau (The Mermaid)
13.   Play with flash player I. Sehr massig bewegt 00:14:26
14.   Play with flash player II. Sehr bewegt, rauschend 00:12:32
15.   Play with flash player III. Sehr gedehnt, mit schmerzenvollem Ausdruck 00:13:08

Total Playing Time: 01:15:11

Enna, August; Zemlinsky, Alexander

Rode, Ove

Dausgaard, Thomas

Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Danish National Children's Choir; Danish National Choir

Dam-Jensen, Inger; Kihlberg, Ylva

Label: Dacapo

Genre: Opera; Orchestral

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.226048

Barcode: 636943604823

Release Date: 05/2006

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