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VERY BEST OF (THE) (20-CD box set)



In Place of Three Hands: Wolfgang Rübsam talks to Jeremy Siepmann
Handel With Care: Kevin Mallon talks to Jeremy Siepmann
Between the Lines: Idil Biret talks to Jeremy Siepmann

VERY BEST OF (THE) (20-CD box set)

  1. BACH (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552103-04
  2. Become an Instant Expert: Bach  9.20082
  3. BACH, J.S.: Ses plus grandes œuvres  9.20091-92FR
  4. BEETHOVEN (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552105-06
  5. Become an Instant Expert: Beethoven  9.30174
  6. BEETHOVEN, L. van: Ses plus grandes œuvres  9.30181-82FR
  7. CHOPIN (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552107-08
  8. Become an Instant Expert: Chopin  9.40351
  9. CHOPIN, F.: Ses plus grandes œuvres  9.40363-64FR
  10. DVORAK (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552139-40
  11. DVOŘÁK (THE BEST OF)  NJ-CP20017
  12. GRIEG (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552123-24
  13. HANDEL (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552109-10
  14. MOZART (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552111-12
  15. Become an Instant Expert: Mozart  9.30175
  16. MOZART, W.A.: Ses plus grandes œuvres  9.30178-79FR
  17. STRAUSS II, J.: THE VERY BEST OF  8.552115-16
  18. TCHAIKOVSKY (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552117-18
  19. Become an Instant Expert: Tchaikovsky  9.40352
  20. TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Ses plus grandes œuvres  9.40357-58FR
  21. VIVALDI (THE VERY BEST OF)  8.552101-02
  22. VIVALDI, A.: Ses plus grandes œuvres  9.20093-94FR

Label: Naxos

Series: Boxed Sets

Catalogue No: 8.502020

Barcode: 0730099122047

Distribution Note(s):

Available in Germany only

Release Date: 01/2007

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