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Classical Music Home > TAVENER, J.: Essential John Tavener (The) (5-CD Box Set)

TAVENER, J.: Essential John Tavener (The) (5-CD Box Set)


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TAVENER, J.: Essential John Tavener (The) (5-CD Box Set)

“John Tavener is a master of sonic masonry, constructing vast cathedrals of both solemnity and exultation within the head and heart. Religious proclivity is not a prerequisite to uncovering the ecstasies in these scores, and the magnetism of each infuses even the most vexed of minds with hope and tranquility.” – Doyle Armbrust, Time Out Chicago

Disc 1

Tavener, John

  The Protecting Veil
1.   Section 1 00:15:07
2.   Annunciation 00:03:20
3.   The Incarnation 00:03:38
4.   Lament of the Mother of God at the Cross 00:10:22
5.   Christ is Risen! 00:02:32
6.   The Dormition of the Mother of God 00:07:10
7.   The Protecting Veil 00:03:09

Tavener, John
Peguy, Charles, lyricist(s)

  In Alium
8.   Section A 00:04:04
9.   Section B 00:03:40
10.   Section C 00:00:41
11.   Section D 00:06:11

Disc 2

Tavener, John

1.   Zodiacs 00:01:55
2.   Ypakoe 00:13:34
3.   Palin 00:08:42
4.   Mandoodles 00:04:55
5.   Pratirupa 00:29:42
  In Memory of Two Cats
6.   In Memory of Two Cats 00:02:11

Disc 3

Tavener, John
Bible - New Testament / Traditional / Woodward, George Ratcliffe / Dearmer, Percy / Ravenscroft, Thomas / Ballet, William, lyricist(s)

  Ex Maria Virgine
1.   Verbum caro 00:01:40
2.   Nowell! Nowell! Out of Your sleep 00:03:28
3.   Remember O Thou Man 00:06:28
4.   Sweet was the Song 00:04:08
5.   Ave Rex Angelorum 00:03:53
6.   There is no Rose 00:04:16
7.   Ding! Dong! Merrily on high 00:02:39
8.   Rocking 00:02:37
9.   Unto us is born a Son 00:07:19
10.   Verbum caro 00:01:29

Tavener, John
Watkins, Vernon, lyricist(s)

  Birthday Sleep
11.   Birthday Sleep 00:05:27

Tavener, John
Seferis, George, lyricist(s)

  O, Do Not Move
12.   O, Do Not Move 00:02:00

Tavener, John
Yeats, William Butler, lyricist(s)

  A Nativity
13.   A Nativity 00:02:14

Tavener, John
Schuon, Frithjof, lyricist(s)

14.   Marienhymne 00:04:42

Tavener, John

  O Thou Gentle Light
15.   O Thou Gentle Light 00:04:41

Tavener, John
Walker, Keith, lyricist(s)

16.   Angels 00:06:45

Disc 4

Tavener, John

  Lament for Jerusalem
1.   I. Cycle I: Stanza I - By the waters of Babylon (Chorus) 00:02:01
2.   II. Cycle I: Cosmic Lament I - Listen to the reed - flute (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 00:04:09
3.   III. Cycle II: Stanza II - For there, they that had taken us captive (Chorus) 00:01:31
4.   IV. Cycle II: Cosmic Lament II - 'Tis the fire of love (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 00:05:29
5.   V. Cycle III: Stanza III - How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land (Chorus) 00:01:21
6.   VI. Cycle III: Cosmic Lament III - Hail to thee Divine love! (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 00:05:47
7.   VII. Cycle IV: Stanza IV - Let my tongue cleave to my throat (Chorus) 00:01:35
8.   VIII. Cycle IV: Cosmic Lament IV - If my Beloved touched me with His lips (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 00:06:18
9.   IX. Cycle V: Stanza V - Remember, O Lord, the sons of Edom (Chorus) 00:01:35
10.   X. Cycle V: Cosmic Lament V - The beloved is all (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 00:06:29
11.   XI. Cycle VI: Stanza VI - O daughter of Babylon (Chorus) 00:02:04
12.   XII. Cycle VI: Cosmic Lament VI - Love desires this secret should be revealed (Countertenor, Soprano) 00:07:19
13.   XIII. Cycle VII: Stanza VII - Since thou receivest the supplications of sinners (Chorus) 00:01:41
14.   XIV. Cycle VII: Cosmic Lament VII - Dost thou know why the mirror does not reflect (Countertenor, Soprano, Chorus) 00:07:15

Disc 5

Tavener, John

  God is with Us: Christmas proclamation
1.   God is with Us: Christmas Proclamation 00:05:28

Tavener, John
Mother Thekla / Shakespeare, William, lyricist(s)

  Song for Athene
2.   Song for Athene 00:05:43

Tavener, John
Blake, William, lyricist(s)

  The Lamb
3.   The Lamb 00:03:52
  The Tiger
4.   The Tiger 00:05:22

Tavener, John
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis
5.   Magnificat 00:07:36
6.   Nunc Dimittis 00:02:58

Tavener, John
Tavener, John, lyricist(s)

  Funeral Ikos
7.   Funeral Ikos 00:07:15

Tavener, John

  Two Hymns to the Mother of God
8.   Hymn to the Mother of God 00:02:37
9.   Hymn for the Dormition of the Mother of God 00:03:50
  Love bade me welcome
10.   Love bade me welcome 00:04:57
  As one who has slept
11.   As one who has slept 00:04:21

Tavener, John
Bible - New Testament, lyricist(s)

  The Lord's Prayer
12.   The Lord's Prayer 00:03:35

Tavener, John

  Svyati, "O Holy One"
13.   Svyati, 'O Holy One' 00:13:18

Total Playing Time: 05:10:05

Tavener, John

Ballet, William; Bible - New Testament; Bible - Old Testament; Blake, William; Dearmer, Percy; Mother Thekla; Peguy, Charles; Ravenscroft, Thomas; Schuon, Frithjof; Seferis, George; Shakespeare, William; Tavener, John; Traditional; Walker, Keith; Watkins, Vernon; Woodward, George Ratcliffe; Yeats, William Butler

Brown, Timothy; Robinson, Christopher; Summerly, Jeremy; Yuasa, Takuo

Choir of London Orchestra; Ulster Orchestra

Choir of London; Clare College Choir, Cambridge; St. John's College Choir, Cambridge

Berkieta, Stefan; Crawford, Peter; Gruffydd Jones, Angharad; Hugh, Tim; Hulse, Eileen; Jacobs, Simon Thomas; Kliegel, Maria; McVinnie, James; van Raat, Ralph

Label: Naxos

Series: Boxed Sets

Genre: Choral - Sacred; Choral - Secular; Instrumental; Orchestral; Vocal

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.505239

Barcode: 747313523931

Physical Release: 03/2014

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