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LADIES ONLY - Classics



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LADIES ONLY - Classics

Frank, Erik

  Noveltyflickan (arr. L. Kallin)
1.   Play with flash player Noveltyflickan (arr. L. Kallin) 00:01:57

Garner, Erroll

  Misty (arr. L. Kallin)
2.   Play with flash player Misty (arr. L. Kallin) 00:05:10

Olrog, Ulf Peder

  Filosofisk Dixieland (arr. K. Ohlson)
3.   Play with flash player Filosofisk Dixieland (arr. K. Ohlson) 00:02:30

Marks, Gerald / Simons, Seymour

  All of Me (trans. L. Kallin)
4.   Play with flash player All of Me (trans. L. Kallin) 00:02:35

Carmichael, Hoagy

  Stardust (trans. L. Kallin)
5.   Play with flash player Stardust (trans. L. Kallin) 00:04:48

Hefti, Neal

  Splanky (trans. L. Kallin)
6.   Play with flash player Splanky (trans. L. Kallin) 00:02:41

McHugh, Jimmy

  I'm in the Mood for Love
7.   Play with flash player I'm in the Mood for Love 00:02:47

Olrog, Ulf Peder

  Rattjakt for tva (arr. K. Ohlson)
8.   Play with flash player Rattjakt for tva (arr. K. Ohlson) 00:03:20

Dennis, Matt

  Angel Eyes (arr. L. Kallin)
9.   Play with flash player Angel Eyes (arr. L. Kallin) 00:03:06

Dahlquist, Lasse

  "Geasapeagen" (trans. L. Kallin)
10.   Play with flash player "Geasapeagen" (trans. L. Kallin) 00:02:23

Herman, Jerry

  Hello Dolly (trans. L. Kallin)
11.   Play with flash player Hello Dolly (trans. L. Kallin) 00:01:38

Caty, Jules

  Con amore
12.   Play with flash player Con amore 00:03:24

Frank, Erik

  Novelty Accordeon (trans. L. Kallin)
13.   Play with flash player Novelty Accordeon (trans. L. Kallin) 00:02:01

Carsten, Bert

  Zigenarens serenad
14.   Play with flash player Zigenarens serenad 00:04:08

Lewis, Morgan
Kallin, L., arranger(s)

  How High the Moon - Ornithology (arr. L. Kallin)
15.   Play with flash player How High the Moon - Ornithology (arr. L. Kallin) 00:01:59

Herman, Jerry

16.   Play with flash player Revydags 00:01:56

Kraft, Alvar
Kallin, L., arranger(s)

  Botvid - Lite grand fran ovan (trans. L. Kallin)
17.   Play with flash player Botvid - Lite grand fran ovan (trans. L. Kallin) 00:01:40

Manilow, Barry

  Copacabana (trans. L. Kallin)
18.   Play with flash player Copacabana (trans. L. Kallin) 00:01:33

Total Playing Time: 00:49:36

Carmichael, Hoagy; Carsten, Bert; Caty, Jules; Dahlquist, Lasse; Dennis, Matt; Frank, Erik; Garner, Erroll; Hefti, Neal; Herman, Jerry; Kraft, Alvar; Lewis, Morgan; Manilow, Barry; Marks, Gerald; McHugh, Jimmy; Olrog, Ulf Peder; Simons, Seymour

Kallin, L.

Ladies Only Cafe Strings

Label: Naxos

Genre: Chamber Music

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.520030

Barcode: 730099123020

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