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Music from Old Vienna



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Music from Old Vienna

Lehmann, Carl
Mikulas, Josef, arranger(s)

  Blitzzug-Marsch (arr. Josef Mikulas)
1.   Play with flash player Blitzzug - Marsch 00:02:39

Schubert, Franz

  Kleine Wiener Walzer (arr. Walter Wasservogel)
2.   Play with flash player Kleine Wiener Walzer 00:02:55

Strohmayer, Alois

  Veilchen-Polka (arr. Anton Purkner)
3.   Play with flash player Veilchen - Polka 00:01:58

Fahrbach Jr., Philipp
Mikulas, Josef, arranger(s)

  Im Kahlenbergerdorfl (arr. Mikulas)
4.   Play with flash player Im Kahlenbergerdorfl 00:04:12

Schrammel, Johann

  Frisch gewagt (arr. Wasservogel)
5.   Play with flash player Frisch gewagt 00:02:33

Schrammel, Josef

  Der Weana is'all'weil leger (arr. Lois Bock)
6.   Play with flash player Der Weana is'all'weil leger 00:02:48
  Nussdorfer-Marsch (arr. Bock)
7.   Play with flash player Nussdorfer - Marsch 00:02:57

Schrammel, Johann

  Sei weider guat (arr. Wasservogel)
8.   Play with flash player Sei weider guat 00:03:25

  Das picksusse Holzl (arr. L. Bock for chamber ensemble)
9.   Play with flash player Das picksusse Holzl (arr. L. Bock for chamber ensemble) 00:02:27

Schrammel, Josef

  Bei guter Laune (arr. Wasservogel)
10.   Play with flash player Bei guter Laune 00:03:38
  Antoinetten-Polka (arr. Wasservogel)
11.   Play with flash player Antoinetten - Polka 00:02:13

Strohmayer, Alois

  Alsergrundler-Walzer (arr. Bock)
12.   Play with flash player Alsergrundler - Walzer 00:05:47

Schrammel, Johann

  In arte voluptas (arr. Bock)
13.   Play with flash player In arte voluptas 00:03:06

Zdobnitzky, Hans

  Rummel-Polka (arr. Mikulas)
14.   Play with flash player Rummel - Polka 00:02:36

Strauss II, Johann
Wasservogel, Walter, arranger(s)

  Liebeslieder Walzer (arr. Wasservogel)
15.   Play with flash player Liebeslieder Walzer 00:09:03

Strohmayer, Alois

  Zepperl-Polka (arr. Purkner)
16.   Play with flash player Zepperl - Polka 00:01:11

Mikulas, Karl
Mikulas, Josef, arranger(s)

  Dressler Tanzweisen
17.   Play with flash player Dressler Tanzweisen 00:04:30

Strohmayer, Alois

  Ottakringer-Marsch (arr. Purkner)
18.   Play with flash player Ottakringer - Marsch 00:01:44

Total Playing Time: 00:59:42

Fahrbach Jr., Philipp; Lehmann, Carl; Mikulas, Karl; Schrammel, Johann; Schrammel, Josef; Schubert, Franz; Strauss II, Johann; Strohmayer, Alois; Zdobnitzky, Hans

Bock, Lois; Mikulas, Josef; Wasservogel, Walter


Label: Naxos

Genre: Chamber Music

Period: 20th Century; Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.550228

Barcode: 0730099522823

Release Date: 03/1989

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