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SVENSKA SOMMARFAVORITER (Summer Favourites from Sweden)



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SVENSKA SOMMARFAVORITER (Summer Favourites from Sweden)

Skold, Stefan
Johansson, Jerker, arranger(s)

1.   Play with flash player Sommar 00:04:25

Aulin, Tor
Johansson, Jerker, arranger(s)

  4 akvareller
2.   Play with flash player No. 1. Idyll 00:04:09
3.   Play with flash player No. 2. Humoresk 00:03:56
4.   Play with flash player No. 3. Vaggsang 00:03:46
5.   Play with flash player No. 4. Polska 00:03:47

Ericson, Bobbie
Johansson, Jerker, arranger(s)

6.   Play with flash player Utskargard 00:03:05

Seymer, William
Johansson, Jerker, arranger(s)

7.   Play with flash player Sologa 00:04:01

Löfgren, Albert

8.   Play with flash player Slattergille 00:12:28

Lindberg, Oskar
Johansson, Jerker, arranger(s)

  Gammal fabosalm fran Dalarna
9.   Play with flash player Gammal fabosalm fran Dalarna 00:03:59

Green, Owe

10.   Play with flash player I. Brudmarsch 00:03:09
11.   Play with flash player II. Vaggsang och polska 00:02:36
12.   Play with flash player III. Polska och visa 00:03:19

Grundstrom, Per

  I sommarstaden
13.   Play with flash player I sommarstaden 00:02:36

Larsson, Curt

  En Hallsingesagen
14.   Play with flash player En Hallsingesagen 00:06:39

Harteveld, Wilhelm

  Marcia carolux rex
15.   Play with flash player Marcia carolux rex 00:02:38

Widqvist, Viktor

  Under blagul fana
16.   Play with flash player Under blagul fana 00:03:23

Total Playing Time: 01:07:56

Aulin, Tor; Ericson, Bobbie; Green, Owe; Grundstrom, Per; Harteveld, Wilhelm; Larsson, Curt; Lindberg, Oskar; Löfgren, Albert; Seymer, William; Skold, Stefan; Widqvist, Viktor

Johansson, Jerker

Johansson, Jerker

Gothenburg Musicians

Label: Naxos

Genre: Concerto; Orchestral; Wind Ensemble/Band Music

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary; Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.550587

Barcode: 730099558723

Boxset: 8.503123

Distribution Note(s):

Currently not available on CD

Release Date: 01/2003

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