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Classical Music Home > FOLKMUSIK I FRACK (Folk Music in Suits) - Classical Folkmusic

FOLKMUSIK I FRACK (Folk Music in Suits) - Classical Folkmusic


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FOLKMUSIK I FRACK (Folk Music in Suits) - Classical Folkmusic

Hallek, Heino

  Lat till Far (Tune to my father)
1.   Lat till Far (Tune to my Father) 00:02:38

Hahn, Gunnar

  Daladivertimento (Dalecarlian Divertimento)
2.   I, Brudmarsch (Bridal march) 00:02:21
3.   II. Kringellek (Ring Game) 00:01:45
4.   III. Stjuls (Dance) 00:01:01
5.   IV. Tullpolska (Dance) 00:02:06
6.   V. Jungfrun vid kallan (Maiden at the Source) 00:02:08
7.   VI. Stjuls (Dance) 00:01:07
8.   VII. Rovlaten (Ballad of the Turnip) 00:02:22
9.   VIII. Leksands skanklat (Leksand's Wedding - Gift Tune) 00:02:38
10.   IX. Jungfrun vid kallan (Maiden at the Source) 00:02:07

Hallek, Heino

11.   I. Lat till Far (Tune to my Father) 00:03:50
12.   II. Vals (Waltz) 00:03:00
13.   III. Gammal visa (Old song) 00:01:52
14.   IV. Polska (Dance) 00:01:31
15.   V. Min levnads afton (At the Twilight of My Life) 00:02:50
16.   VI. Brannvinspolska (Schnaps Polska) 00:01:37
  Vispolska (Ballad Polska)
17.   Vispolska (Ballad Polska) 00:01:04

Hahn, Gunnar

  Svit fran Rattvik (Suite from Rattivk)
18.   I. Brudmarsch fran Ostbjorka (Bridal March from Ostbjorka) 00:02:24
19.   II. Vispolska (Ballad Polska) 00:02:43
20.   III. Gammal visa fran Ostbjorka (Old Song) 00:02:37
21.   IV. Polska fran Bingsjo, "Stegen" (Polska from Bingsjo, "Stegen") 00:01:20
22.   V. Vals (Waltz) 00:02:07
23.   VI. Reminiscens (Reminiscence) 00:01:14

Hallek, Heino

24.   Hjortingen (Polska) 00:01:33
  Brollopssviten (Wedding Suite)
25.   I. Pekkos Pers brudmarsch (Pekkos Pers Bridal March) 00:02:33
26.   II. Vals (Waltz) 00:02:26
27.   III. Visa och polska (Ballad and Polska) 00:02:54
28.   IV. Skanklat (Wedding - Gift Tune) 00:02:02
29.   V. Sammeles Annas brudpolska (Sammeles Anna's Bridal Polska) 00:01:43

Total Playing Time: 01:01:33

Hahn, Gunnar; Hallek, Heino

June Quartet

Label: Naxos

Genre: Chamber Music

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.553529

Barcode: 7300994529222

Physical Release: 01/1995

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