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Classical Music Home > STRAVINSKY, I.: Firebird (The) / Petrushka (Craft) (Stravinsky, Vol. 2)

STRAVINSKY, I.: Firebird (The) / Petrushka (Craft) (Stravinsky, Vol. 2)


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About this Recording

STRAVINSKY, I.: Firebird (The) / Petrushka (Craft) (Stravinsky, Vol. 2)

This is the first recording of the Complete Original Version of Stravinsky’s most popular work, The Firebird. Among the many differences between the present recording and its predecessors is the restoration of two long, valveless trumpets on stage, each playing a single note standing out above the entire orchestra. This is a thrilling effect in all likelihood heard for the first time since 1910 on this recording. Compared to the lush orchestra of The Firebird, the sonorities of Petrushka may seem brittle but harmonically, rhythmically, and instrumentally the work is innovative on every page, a drama of great power and originality.

Stravinsky, Igor

  The Firebird (complete original version)
1.   Introduction 00:02:34
2.   Scene I: Night. Kastchei's Enchanted Garden 00:01:40
3.   Scene I: The Firebird enters, pursued by Ivan Tsarevich 00:02:16
4.   Scene I: The Firebird's Dance 00:01:20
5.   Scene I: Ivan Tsarevich captures the Firebird 00:00:55
6.   Scene I: The Firebird begs to be released 00:05:27
7.   Scene I: Entrance of the Thirteen Enchanted Princesses 00:02:17
8.   Scene I: The Princesses play with the golden apples (Scherzo) 00:02:31
9.   Scene I: Ivan Tsarevich appears 00:00:59
10.   Scene I: The Princesses' Khorovod (Round Dance) 00:04:37
11.   Scene I: Daybreak 00:01:28
12.   Scene I: Ivan Tsarevich, entering Kastchei's palace... 00:01:35
13.   Scene I: The entrance of Kastchei the Immortal 00:01:08
14.   Scene I: Dialogue between Kastchei and Ivan Tsarevich 00:01:03
15.   Scene I: The Princesses plead for mercy 00:01:04
16.   Scene I: The Firebird enters 00:00:36
17.   Scene I: Dance of Kastchei's retinue under the Firebird's magic spell 00:00:49
18.   Scene I: Infernal Dance of Kastchei and his subjects under the Firebird's magic spell 00:04:38
19.   Scene I: The Firebird's Lullaby 00:02:29
20.   Scene I: Kastchei awakens 00:01:09
21.   Scene I: Kastchei's death 00:01:20
22.   Scene II: Kastchei's spell is broken, his palace disappears, and the Petrified Knights return to life. General Thanksgiving... . 00:02:55
  Petrushka (1947 version)
23.   Tableau I: The Shrove - Tide Fair 00:05:12
24.   Tableau I: The Mountebank 00:01:49
25.   Tableau I: Russian Dance 00:02:42
26.   Tableau II: In Petrushka's Cell (Impetuoso) 00:04:24
27.   Tableau III: The Blackamoor 00:02:26
28.   Tableau III: The Ballerina 00:00:45
29.   Tableau III: Valse - Ballerina and Blackamoor (Lento cantabile) 00:03:12
30.   Tableau IV: The Shrove - Tide Fair 00:01:09
31.   Tableau IV: The Dance of the Wet - Nurses 00:02:33
32.   Tableau IV: Peasant with Bear 00:01:23
33.   Tableau IV: Gypsies and a Rake Vendor 00:01:10
34.   Tableau IV: Dance of the Coachmen 00:02:02
35.   Tableau IV: Masqueraders 00:01:35
36.   Tableau IV: The Scuffle (Blackmoor and Petrushka) 00:00:51
37.   Tableau IV: Death of Petrushka 00:00:44
38.   Tableau IV: Police and the Juggler 00:01:13
39.   Tableau IV: Vociferation of Petrushka's Ghost 00:00:51

Total Playing Time: 01:18:51

Stravinsky, Igor

Craft, Robert

Philharmonia Orchestra

Label: Naxos

Genre: Ballet

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.557500

Barcode: 0747313250028

Boxset: 8.506009

Physical Release: 03/2005

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