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Classical Music Home > LOEWE, C: Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes (Das), 'Passion Oratorio'

LOEWE, C: Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes (Das), 'Passion Oratorio'


About this Recording

LOEWE, C: Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes (Das), 'Passion Oratorio'

Disc 1

Loewe, Carl

  Das Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes (The Expiatory Sacrifice of the New Covenant), "Passion Oratorio"
1.   Part I No. 1: Introduction and Quartet (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 00:04:07
2.   Part I No. 2: Chorale: Gegrusst sei, Furst des Lebens (Hail, Prince of Life) 00:00:55
3.   Part I No. 3: Recitative and Arioso: Da nun Jesus war zu Bethanien (Then Jesus came to Bethany) (Soprano) 00:03:47
4.   Part I No. 4: Recitative and Terzetto: Da das Judas sahe (When Judas saw it) (Bass, Tenor, Bass) 00:00:56
5.   Part I No. 5: Recitative: Da sprach Jesus: Lasset Maria mit Frieden (Then said Jesus: Let Mary alone) (Soprano) 00:01:20
6.   Part I No. 6: Chorale: O du Zuflucht der Elenden (O thou refuge of the needy) 00:01:36
7.   Part I No. 7: Larghetto con moto 00:01:57
8.   Part I No. 8: Duet: Wie der Herr es uns geheissen (As the Lord hath bidden us) (Peter, John) 00:02:02
9.   Part I No. 9: Lobet ihr Knechte des Herrn (Praise the Lord, ye servants) (Chorus of the Apostles) 00:00:59
10.   Part I No. 10: Recitative and Chorus: Und Jesus sprach: Mich hat herzlich verlanget (I have desire to eat this Passover) (Bass, Chorus) 00:03:27
11.   Part I No. 11: Recitative and Chorale: Da sie aber assen, nahm Jesus das Brot (After they had eaten, Jesus took the bread) (Bass, Tutti) 00:02:44
12.   Part I No. 12: Lobet ihr Knechte des Herrn (Praise the Lord, ye servants) (Chorus) 00:04:27
13.   Part II No. 13: Chorus and Recitative: Auf, mit Schwertern, Speer und Stangen (Up, with sword, spear and stave) (Chorus, Bass) 00:05:14
14.   Part II No. 14: Chorale: Wenn alle untreu werden (When all are untrue) 00:01:12
15.   Part II No. 15: Aria: Heil'ge Nacht, hell von der Liebe Schein (Holy night, bright with the shining of love) (Alto) 00:02:54
16.   Part II No. 16: Duet: Da traten herzu zweeen falsche Zeugen (There came two false witnesses) (Soprano, Tenor) 00:00:41
17.   Part II No. 17: Recitative: Und der Hohepriester stand auf (And the High Priest arose) (Bass) 00:00:28
18.   Part II No. 18: Recitative and Chorus: Ich beschwore dich (I abjure thee by the living God) (Christ, High Priests and Pharisees) 00:01:59
19.   Part II No. 19: Aria: Weh' mir, wohin soll ich entfliehn (Alas, where should I flee) (Bass) 00:03:43
20.   Part II No. 20: Chorale: Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade (Ah, abide among us with thy grace) 00:00:41
21.   Part II No. 21: Recitative: Pilatus ging hinein in das Richthaus (Pilate went into the hall of justice) (Christ, Pilate) 00:02:26
22.   Part II No. 22: Recitative and Aria: Da aber Pilatus auf dem Richtstuhle sass… (But then Pilate sat down on the judgement seat…) (Soprano) 00:03:32
23.   Part II No. 23: Recitative and Chorus: Ihr Kinder Israels, ich finde keine Schuld (Ye children of Israel, I find no fault) (Pilate, Chorus) 00:01:04
24.   Part II No. 24: Lass ihn kreuzigen (Crucify him) (Chorus) - Recitative: Nun denn, ich bin unschuldig (I am innocent of the blood) (Pilate) 00:00:38
25.   Part II No. 25: Sein Blut komme uber uns (His blood be upon us) (Chorus) 00:00:56
26.   Part II No. 26: Aria: Ach seht, der allen wohlgethan (Ah see, he who has brought good to all) (Alto) 00:02:49
27.   Part II No. 27: Recitative and Chorale: Sehet, ich fuhre ihn heraus zu euch... (See, I bring him out to you... ) (Tenor, Tutti) 00:02:59

Disc 2

Loewe, Carl

  Das Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes (The Expiatory Sacrifice of the New Covenant), "Passion Oratorio"
1.   Part III No. 28: O, welch ein Anblick (O what a sight) (Tenor) 00:03:10
2.   Part III No. 29: Chorus: Hort den Simon von Kyrene (Hear Simon of Cyrene) (Chorus, Tenor) 00:02:06
3.   Part III No. 30: Fliesset, ihr unaufhaltsamen Thranen (Flow, ye ceaseless tears) (Daughters of Sion) 00:02:24
4.   Part III No. 31: Recitative: Jesus aber wandte sich um (But Jesus turned and said to them) (Bass) 00:01:35
5.   Part III No. 32: Terzetto: Den wir jungst auf Tabors Hohen (The one whom we lately saw on Tabor's height) 00:02:10
6.   Part III No. 33: Recitative: Pilatus, du hast auf's Kreuz geschrieben (Pilate, thou hast written on the cross) (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 00:00:23
7.   Part III No. 34: Was ich geschrieben habe, das habe ich geschrieben (What I have written, I have written) (Pilate) 00:00:09
8.   Part III No. 35: Der du den Tempel Gottes zerbrichst (Thou who destroyest the Temple of God) (Chorus of the People) 00:01:44
9.   Part III No. 36: Recitative and Duet: Jesus aber sprach: Vater vergib ihnen (But Jesus said: Father, forgive them) (Christ, Tenor, Bass) 00:02:34
10.   Part III No. 37: Chorale: Seht die Mutter bang und klagend (See the mother, sad and mourning) 00:01:00
11.   Part III No. 38: Jesus aber spricht zu seiner Mutter (But Jesus said to his mother) (Christ) 00:00:42
12.   Part III No. 39: Finsternis bedeckt das Land (Darkness covers the land) (Chorus) 00:02:26
13.   Part III No. 40: Aria and Chorus: Sein Auge das mich angeblickt (His eyes that regarded me) (Soprano, Chorus) 00:02:10
14.   Part III No. 41: Recitative: Darnach, als Jesus wusste (Then, when Jesus knew) (Bass) - Chorale: Grosser Friedefurst (Great Prince of peace) 00:01:35
15.   Part III No. 42: Recitative: Einen Schwamm mit Essig fullet (One of them filled a sponge with vinegar) (Alto, Bass) 00:01:32
16.   Part III No. 43: Des Tempels Vorhang is zerrissen (The Temple's veil is rent) (Chorus) 00:02:42
17.   Part III No. 44: Mein eigen Grab will ich ihm weihen (My own grave will I give him) (Joseph, Nicodemus) 00:02:40
18.   Part III No. 45: Einst lagst du auch gehullt in weisse Linnen (Once too thou lay wrapped in white linen) (Daughters of Sion) 00:01:59
19.   Part III No. 46: Final: Es wird gesaet verweslich (It was sown perishable, and shall rise imperishable) (Chorus) 00:04:02

Total Playing Time: 01:36:36

Loewe, Carl

Reinemann, Udo

Heures Romantiques Instrumental Ensemble

Heures Romantiques Vocal Ensemble

Crossley-Mercer, Edwin; Cunha, Jacky da; Gaudefroy, Nathalie; Neven, Henk; Stotijn, Christianne

Label: Naxos

Genre: Choral - Sacred

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.557635-36

Barcode: 747313263523

Physical Release: 06/2006

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