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Classical Music Home > Music for Kids CD 4: Songs to Sing

Music for Kids CD  4: Songs to Sing


Music for Kids CD 4: Songs to Sing

  Their Feathers
1.   Their Feathers (Introduction) 00:01:08
2.   Their Feathers (Solo) 00:00:53
3.   Their Feathers (More Voices) 00:00:53
  John B. Sails
4.   John B. Sails 00:02:57
5.   John B. Sails (Instrumental) 00:02:58

Burleigh, Henry Thacker
Jameson, Paul D., arranger(s)

  Dry Bones
6.   Dry Bones 00:02:05
7.   Dry Bones (Instrumental) 00:02:08

Jameson, Paul D., arranger(s)

  The Water Is Wide
8.   The Water Is Wide 00:02:59
9.   The Water Is Wide (Instrumental) 00:03:01

  Dona Tzar
10.   Dona Tzar 00:01:35
11.   Dona Tzar (Instrumental) 00:01:35

Jenkins, Gordon
Jameson, Paul D., arranger(s)

  Tzena, Tzena
12.   Tzena, Tzena 00:01:50
13.   Tzena, Tzena (Instrumental) 00:01:50

  Jacob's Ladder
14.   Jacob's Ladder 00:02:54
15.   Jacob's Ladder (Instrumental) 00:02:52
  Molly Malone
16.   Molly Malone 00:02:39
17.   Molly Malone (Instrumental) 00:02:39
18.   Matilda 00:02:55
19.   Matilda (Instrumental) 00:02:54
  Old Texas
20.   Old Texas 00:02:14
21.   Old Texas (Instrumental) 00:02:14

Jameson, Paul D., arranger(s)

22.   Arirang 00:01:45
23.   Arirang (Instrumental) 00:01:45

  Merry Minstrels
24.   Merry Minstrels (Round) 00:01:13
25.   Merry Minstrels (Instrumental) 00:01:16

Total Playing Time: 00:53:12

Burleigh, Henry Thacker; Jenkins, Gordon; Traditional

Jameson, Paul D.

Agaronyan, Levon; Ahn, Kelly; Collier, Jason; Cranston, Lamont; Elliott, Jeff; Hardy, Richard; Hefner, Jim; Honofre, Abby; Jameson, Brigita; Jameson, Paul D.; Kranc, Bobby; Nelson, Steve; Reinhardt, Kevin; Ritmanis, Lolita; Siva, Ernest; Stasko, Andra; Turner, Monty; Zommers, Mara

Label: Naxos Educational

Genre: Music Education

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.558017

Barcode: 636943801727

Distribution Note(s):

Exclusively available for streaming and download. Not available on CD.


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