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Life and Works: HAYDN (Siepmann)


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Life and Works: HAYDN (Siepmann)

Life and Works
This series presents the life and work of major composers. The recording is illustrated with quotations from the composer and his contemporaries, enhanced by extended extracts from representative works. In the companion booklet are essays and notes on the composer and his time.

Life and Works - Haydn
David Timson as Haydn
Other roles taken by Nigel Anthony, Sam Dastor, Steve Hodson, Roger May, Frances Jeater
148-page booklet
ISBN 1-84379-069-6

No great composer's story is more predominantly happy than Haydn's, though even his has its share of clouds. A classic rags-to-riches tale, it sees him move from humble beginnings through decades as a liveried servant to his emergence as the most popular and successful composer of his time. One of the healthiest and least neurotic artists in musical history, he did more than any other single figure to pioneer the symphony, the piano sonata and the string quartet - and he was the first truly great practitioner of each. Brilliant, strikingly original and blessed not only with genius but an infectious sense of humour, he was also profound and modest, and his music, copiously illustrated here, has brought happiness and illumination to millions.

NOTE: Each CD includes a CD-ROM part containing the complete spoken text and booklet material with interactive features and links to the Internet.

Disc 1

  Life and Works - Haydn
1.   Symphony No. 92 in G ('Oxford', Mvt 4: Presto) 00:07:34
2.   Missa brevis Santic Joannis de Deo: 'Kleine Orgelmesse' (Kyrie) 00:02:25
3.   Pranks, a narrow escape and expulsion 00:04:18
4.   Poverty, hunger and determination 00:03:45
5.   C.P.E. Bach: Keyboard Sonata in A, Wq. 65/37 (Mvt 3: Allegro di molto) 00:03:09
6.   Further pranks, apprenticeship and a helping hand 00:09:13
7.   String Quartet in E flat, Op. 33 No. 2 (Mvt 4: Finale) 00:03:32
8.   Early fame and first sonatas 00:02:53
9.   Piano Sonata L. 11 in B flat, Hob. XVI: 2 (Mvt 1: Moderato) 00:04:13
10.   Patronage, marriage and first symphonies 00:06:47
11.   Symphony No. 6 in D ('Le Martin', Mvt 1: Adagio - Allegro) 00:04:10
12.   Haydn as servant and diplomat 00:05:05
13.   Symphony No. 72 in D (Mvt 1: Allegro) 00:04:43
14.   Curtain 00:00:06

Disc 2

  Life and Works - Haydn
1.   Finding his feet at the Esterhazy court 00:07:36
2.   Cello Concerto in C Major, Hob. VIIb: 1 (Mvt 3: Allegro molto) 00:06:38
3.   Reprimand, overwork, illness and inspiration 00:07:12
4.   Piano Sonata L. 33 in C Minor, Hob. XVI: 20 (Mvt 1: Moderato) 00:06:23
5.   'Sturm und Drang' 00:01:48
6.   Symphony No. 45 in F - Sharp Minor ('Farewell', Mvt 1: Allegro assai) 00:05:38
7.   Mastery, history and profundity: a genius in full flower 00:01:37
8.   String Quartet in F Minor, Op. 20 No. 5 (Mvt 3: Adagio) 00:06:47
9.   'Exile' at Esterhazy and enforced originality 00:04:45
10.   Symphony No. 22 in E flat ('The Philosopher', Mvt 1: Adagio) 00:07:05
11.   A diplomat of genius 00:05:18
12.   Symphony No. 45 in F - Sharp Minor ('Farewell', Mvt 4: closing Adagio) 00:04:55
13.   Fire endured and commemorated 00:03:16
14.   Symphony No. 70 in D (Mvt 4: Allegro con brio) 00:03:01
15.   Curtain 00:03:01

Disc 3

  Life and Works - Haydn
1.   Haydn and opera 00:01:56
2.   La fedelta premiata (Act One: Finale - 'Aiutatemi, son morta'; 'Ah, che duolo disperato') 00:05:04
3.   An affair and a friendship: Polzelli and Mozart 00:02:06
4.   Mozart: String Quartet in C, K. 465 ('Dissonance', Mvt 1: Adagio - Allegro) - Going to bat for Mozart 00:04:41
5.   String Quartet in F, Op. 55 No. 2 (Mvt 4: Finale: Presto) 00:03:40
6.   Fame, servitude and loyalty: the unseen celebrity 00:02:45
7.   Symphony No. 88 in G (Mvt 4: Finale: Allegro con spirito) 00:03:45
8.   Sprung from a gilded cage: Haydn goes to London 00:13:56
9.   Symphony No. 96 in D ('The Miracle', Mvt 1: Adagio - Allegro) 00:06:30
10.   The naked face of genius: triumph, glamour, depression and resilience 00:04:11
11.   Symphony No. 94 in G ('The Surprise', Mvt 2: Andante) 00:00:32
12.   Haydn as foreign correspondent 00:04:31
13.   Six English Canzonettas: Piercing Eyes 00:01:39
14.   Haydn as statistical historian 00:11:50
15.   Piano Trio in G, Hob. XV: 25 (Mvt 3: Rondo all'ongarese) 00:03:12

Disc 4

  Life and Works - Haydn
1.   Return to Vienna (and an unusual new pupil) 00:01:45
2.   Beethoven: Piano Trio in G, Op. 1 No. 2 (Finale: Presto) 00:07:56
3.   Once more to England 00:03:09
4.   Symphony No. 100 in G ('Military', Mvt 2: Allegretto) 00:06:14
5.   The homecoming hero 00:05:07
6.   String Quartet in G, Op. 76 No. 3 (Mvt 2: Poco adagio, cantabile) 00:07:57
7.   Towards The Creation 00:02:54
8.   The Creation ('Die Vorstellung des Chaos' - 'The Representation of Chaos') 00:06:37
9.   Towards The Seasons; age begins to tell 00:08:26
10.   The Seasons ('Hort das laute Geton' - 'Hark! The mountains resound!') 00:04:42
11.   A sad old age 00:16:36
12.   The Creation ('Die Himmel erzahlen' - 'The Heavens Are Telling') 00:03:57

Total Playing Time: 04:42:31

Anthony, Nigel; Dastor, Sam; Hodson, Steve; Jeater, Frances; May, Roger; Siepmann, Jeremy; Timson, David

Label: Naxos Educational

Genre: Music Biographies

Catalogue No: 8.558091-94

Barcode: 0636943809129

Physical Release: 08/2003

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