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IVES, C.: Songs, Vol. 5


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IVES, C.: Songs, Vol. 5

Ives, Charles
Browning, Robert, lyricist(s)

1.   Paracelsus 00:04:06

Ives, Charles
Bellamann, Henry, lyricist(s)

2.   Peaks 00:02:04

Ives, Charles

  A Perfect Day
3.   A Perfect Day 00:02:41

Ives, Charles
Turnbull, M. P., lyricist(s)

4.   Pictures 00:03:23

Ives, Charles
Johnson, Robert Underwood, lyricist(s)

5.   Premonitions 00:02:10

Ives, Charles

  Qu'il m'irait bien
6.   Qu'il m'irait bien 00:01:16

Ives, Charles
Wordsworth, William, lyricist(s)

  The Rainbow, "So May it Be!"
7.   The Rainbow, "So May it Be!" 00:01:51

Ives, Charles
Case, Lizzie York, lyricist(s)

8.   Religion 00:01:09

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles, lyricist(s)

9.   Remembrance 00:00:47

Ives, Charles
Stevenson, Robert Louis, lyricist(s)

10.   Requiem 00:02:16

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles, lyricist(s)

11.   Resolution 00:00:35

Ives, Charles
Toplady, Augustus Montague, lyricist(s)

  Rock of Ages
12.   Rock of Ages 00:04:45

Ives, Charles
Hunt, James Henry Leigh, lyricist(s)

  Romanzo di Central Park
13.   Romanzo di Central Park 00:02:17

Ives, Charles
Chézy, Helmine von, lyricist(s)

  Rosamunde (1st version)
14.   Rosamunde (1st version) 00:02:06
  Rosamunde (2nd version)
15.   Rosamunde (2nd version) 00:02:14

Ives, Charles
Stieler, Karl, lyricist(s)

16.   Rosenzweige 00:01:09

Ives, Charles
Shelley, Percy Bysshe, lyricist(s)

  Rough Wind
17.   Rough Wind 00:01:09

Ives, Charles
Merrill Jr., Charles Edmund, lyricist(s)

  A Scotch Lullaby
18.   A Scotch Lullaby 00:02:17

Ives, Charles
Shakespeare, William, lyricist(s)

  A Sea Dirge
19.   A Sea Dirge 00:02:30

Ives, Charles

  The Sea of Sleep
20.   The Sea of Sleep 00:01:35

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles, lyricist(s)

  The See'r
21.   The See'r 00:00:51

Ives, Charles
Winther, Christian, lyricist(s)

22.   Sehnsucht 00:03:05

Ives, Charles
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, lyricist(s)

23.   September 00:01:05

Ives, Charles
Whittier, John Greenleaf, lyricist(s)

24.   Serenity 00:02:48

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles, lyricist(s)

  The Side Show
25.   The Side Show 00:00:34

Ives, Charles
Brewster, Lincoln, lyricist(s)

  Slow March
26.   Slow March 00:01:40

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles, lyricist(s)

  Slugging a Vampire
27.   Slugging a Vampire 00:00:26
28.   Soliloquy 00:01:05

Ives, Charles

  A Son of a Gambolier
29.   A Son of a Gambolier 00:03:38

Ives, Charles
Coleridge, Hartley, lyricist(s)

30.   Song 00:01:40

Ives, Charles
Bible - Old Testament / Tate, Nahum / Brady, Nicholas, lyricist(s)

  A Song - For Anything: Hear My Prayer, O Lord
31.   A Song - For Anything: Hear My Prayer, O Lord 00:01:06

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles / Tate, Nahum / Brady, Nicholas, lyricist(s)

  A Song - For Anything: When the waves softly sigh
32.   A Song - For Anything: When the waves softly sigh 00:01:00
33.   A Song - For Anything: Yale, Farewell! 00:00:56

Ives, Charles
Phillimore, Greville, lyricist(s)

  Song for Harvest Season
34.   Song for Harvest Season 00:01:49

Ives, Charles
Kipling, Rudyard, lyricist(s)

  The Song of the Dead
35.   The Song of the Dead 00:02:42

Ives, Charles
Heyduk, Adolf / Macfarren, Natalia, lyricist(s)

  Songs my mother taught me
36.   Songs my mother taught me 00:02:46

Ives, Charles
Twichell Ives, Harmony, lyricist(s)

  The South Wind
37.   The South Wind 00:02:24
  Spring Song
38.   Spring Song 00:01:20

Ives, Charles
Ives, Charles, lyricist(s)

39.   Sunrise 00:05:12

Ives, Charles
Untermeyer, Louis, lyricist(s)

40.   Swimmers 00:01:35

Total Playing Time: 01:20:02

Ives, Charles

Bellamann, Henry; Bible - Old Testament; Brady, Nicholas; Brewster, Lincoln; Browning, Robert; Case, Lizzie York; Chézy, Helmine von; Coleridge, Hartley; Heyduk, Adolf; Hunt, James Henry Leigh; Ives, Charles; Johnson, Robert Underwood; Kipling, Rudyard; Macfarren, Natalia; Merrill Jr., Charles Edmund; Phillimore, Greville; Rossetti, Dante Gabriel; Shakespeare, William; Shelley, Percy Bysshe; Stevenson, Robert Louis; Stieler, Karl; Tate, Nahum; Toplady, Augustus Montague; Turnbull, M. P.; Twichell Ives, Harmony; Untermeyer, Louis; Whittier, John Greenleaf; Winther, Christian; Wordsworth, William

Baty, Janna; Berman, Lielle; Bircher, Daniel Trevor; Cabot, Jennifer Casey; Carfizzi, Patrick; Cavaliere, Michael; Cavalieri, Michael; Dickson, Douglas; Gardner, Robert; Garritson, Laura; Howell, Ian; Jakubiak, Sara; Johnstone, Ryan; Kathman, Kelli; Kittelberger, Sumi; Kong, Jooyeon; MacPherson, Ryan; Mumford, Tamara; Parker, Cary; Penna, J.J.; Phillips, Mary; Pittsinger, David; Tarver, Kenneth; Teardo, Frederick; Trudel, Eric; Wool, Leah

Label: Naxos

Series: American Classics

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.559273

Barcode: 0636943927329

Physical Release: 10/2008

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