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Songs of the Heart
“In the Torah and the [books of the] Prophets, God reaches out to man. The initiative is His. The message is His. He communicates, we receive…. In the Psalms, human beings reach out to God. The initiative is human. The language is human. We make an effort to communicate. He receives…. The human soul extends itself beyond its confining, sheltering, impermanent house of clay. It gropes for an experience of the divine Presence.” —Nahum Sarna

Unique among liturgies in their singular blend of majestic grandeur, lofty sentiments, and poignant simplicity, the Psalms embrace virtually every basic human emotion and mood, always in the context of faith.

Rochberg, George
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  3 Psalms (excerpts)
1.   Psalm 23 00:03:42
2.   Psalm 150 00:05:15

Druckman, Jacob
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Psalm 93
3.   Psalm 93 00:02:02

Mamlok, Ursula
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Cantata based on Psalm 1
4.   Cantata based on Psalm 1 00:07:38

Wyner, Yehudi

  Ma Tovu
5.   Ma Tovu 00:02:33
  Shiru Ladonai (Psalm 96)
6.   Shiru Ladonai (Psalm 96) 00:02:38

Gideon, Miriam

  Ma Tovu
7.   Ma Tovu 00:02:21
  Adonai Malakh (Psalm 93)
8.   Adonai Malakh (Psalm 93) 00:01:51

Kalmanoff, Martin
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
9.   The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) 00:04:06

Glass, Philip
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Psalm 126
10.   Psalm 126 00:03:53

Waxman, Donald
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Psalms and Supplications (excerpts)
11.   II. The 23rd Psalm of David 00:02:47
12.   IV. Jonah's Prayer from The Belly of the Whale 00:05:52

Shapey, Ralph
Thomas of Celano / Herman, Henry / Jones, Henry Arthur / Morgensztern, Menachem Mendl / Shelley, Percy Bysshe / Whitman, Walt, lyricist(s)

  Psalm II
13.   Prologue: Prais'd Be 00:01:01
14.   I. Master of the Universe 00:02:12
15.   II. Thy Covenant 00:02:30
16.   III. Day of Wrath 00:02:29
17.   Epilogue: Life and Joy 00:00:34

Strassburg, Robert
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Psalm 117
18.   Psalm 117 00:02:04

Schalit, Heinrich
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  The 23rd Psalm
19.   The 23rd Psalm 00:01:44

Zilberts, Zavel
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Psalm 137 (Al Naharot Bavel)
20.   Psalm 137 (Al Naharot Bavel) 00:09:56

Total Playing Time: 01:07:08

Druckman, Jacob; Gideon, Miriam; Glass, Philip; Kalmanoff, Martin; Mamlok, Ursula; Rochberg, George; Schalit, Heinrich; Shapey, Ralph; Strassburg, Robert; Waxman, Donald; Wyner, Yehudi; Zilberts, Zavel

Bible - Old Testament; Herman, Henry; Jones, Henry Arthur; Morgensztern, Menachem Mendl; Shelley, Percy Bysshe; Thomas of Celano; Whitman, Walt

Adler, Samuel; Brewer, Michael; Corp, Ronald; Gardner, Patrick; Gunzenhauser, Stephen; Itai, Avner; Jaffe, Elli; Levin, Neil; Rickenbacher, Karl Anton

Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra; Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Spectrum; Studio ensemble

BBC Singers; Coral Carmina; Laudibus; London Chorus; Neimah Singers; New York Cantorial Choir; Rochester Singers; Rutgers Kirkpatrick Choir; Schola Hebraeica

Bikel, Theodore; Bischof, Justin; Bowers-Broadbent, Christopher; Evans, Joseph; Finkelstein, Meir; Leonard, Sarah; Mason, Patrick; Miller, Aaron; Mizrahi, Alberto; Potton, Hugh

Label: Naxos

Series: Milken Archive of American Jewish Music

Genre: Choral - Sacred

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary; Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.559445

Barcode: 636943944523

Boxset: NMIL51

Physical Release: 09/2006

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