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About this Recording


Compiled by John Christopher Smith from Handel’s operas, oratorios and other works, the oratorio Tobit, sometimes described as a pastiche, provided a winning synthesis of religion and entertainment at a time when newly-minted oratorios, drawing chiefly on biblical subjects were in vogue. The story of the pious and steadfast Tobit (Tobias the elder) is taken from the apocryphal Book of Tobias, in which he is persecuted for burying the dead. Patient in adversity, Tobit is finally restored to health and prosperity, while his son, Tobias, is safely married to Sarah.

Disc 1

Handel, George Frideric
Smith, J. Christopher, arranger(s)

1.   Part I: Ouverture 00:05:04
2.   Part I Scene 1: Recitative: Happy Assyria (A Ninevite) 00:00:15
3.   Part I Scene 1: Hear us, O Baal (Chorus) 00:01:53
4.   Part I Scene 2: Recitative: How Soon Eclips'd is human joy (Tobit) 00:00:51
5.   Part I Scene 2: O Lord, whom we adore (Tobit) - Hear from thy mercies seat (Chorus) 00:04:59
6.   Part I Scene 3: Recitative: The Lord hath heard my pray'r (Tobias) 00:00:27
7.   Part I Scene 3: Air: Will God, whose mercies ever flow (Tobias) 00:02:18
8.   Part I Scene 3: Recitative: But Say, my Rightous Lord (Anna, Tobit) 00:00:43
9.   Part I Scene 3: Duet: To Steal a Grave (Anna, Tobit) 00:04:42
10.   Part I Scene 3: Recitative: Your Pardon (Tobias) 00:00:26
11.   Part I Scene 3: Air: Boistrous Winds and Billows rolling (Tobias) 00:07:40
12.   Part I Scene 3: Tyrants may a while presume (Chorus) 00:02:51
13.   Part I Scene 4: Sinfonia 00:00:49
14.   Part I Scene 4: Accompagnato: Ah, Wretched Sarah! (Sarah) 00:01:18
15.   Part I Scene 4: Air: Paid be my Adoration (Sarah) 00:02:36
16.   Part I Scene 4: Recitative: Be comforted, my Daughter (Raguel) 00:00:38
17.   Part I Scene 4: Air: The Lord Sends his Thunders (Raguel) 00:03:11
18.   Part I Scene 4: All Pow'r in Heav'n above or Earth beneath (Chorus) 00:02:51
19.   Part II Scene 1: Sinfonia 00:00:44
20.   Part II Scene 1: Accompagnato: Alas! To what Variety of Ills (Tobit) 00:01:55
21.   Part II Scene 1: Air: In great Jehovah (Tobit) 00:01:25
22.   Part II Scene 2: Recitative: Happy in thee, my Son (Tobit) 00:00:39
23.   Part II Scene 2: Air: Descend, kind Pity (Azarias) 00:08:57
24.   Part II Scene 2: Impartial heav'n (Chorus) 00:03:04
25.   Part II Scene 3: Recitative: If Blindness, Scorn, Contempt and Misery (A Ninevite) 00:00:45
26.   Part II Scene 3: O Baal, Monarch of the Skies! (Chorus) 00:01:51
27.   Part II Scene 3: Ritornello 00:00:32
28.   Part II Scene 4: Recitative: Pain'd as I am (Tobit, Anna) 00:00:51
29.   Part II Scene 4: Air: Thy pleasing Face (Anna) 00:07:42
30.   Part II Scene 4: Recitative: O thou bright sun! (Anna) 00:00:33
31.   Part II Scene 4: Air: With darkness Deep, as is my woe (Anna) 00:02:38
32.   Part II Scene 5: Sinfonia 00:00:21
33.   Part II Scene 5: Recitative: What caution is too great (Tobit, Azarias) 00:00:52

Disc 2

Handel, George Frideric
Smith, J. Christopher, arranger(s)

1.   Part II Scene 5: Air: Thou, God most high (Azarias) 00:05:00
2.   Part II Scene 5: Duet: Cease thy Anguish (Azarias, Tobias) 00:05:43
3.   Part II Scene 5: The Clouded Scene begins to clear (Chorus) 00:03:49
4.   Part II Scene 6: Sinfonia 00:03:09
5.   Part II Scene 6: Recitative: How happy, Daughter (Raguel, Sarah) 00:00:56
6.   Part II Scene 6: Air: To nobler Joys aspiring (Sarah) 00:04:54
7.   Part II Scene 7: Recitative: O Azarias, I must freely own (Tobias, Azarias) 00:00:40
8.   Part II Scene 8: Recitative: The gratefull Tribute of our thanks (Raguel) 00:00:20
9.   Part II Scene 8: Air: Let Songs of varied measure (Raguel) 00:04:26
10.   Part II Scene 8: Now Love, that everlasting Joy (Chorus) 00:02:28
11.   Part II Scene 8: Happy, happy shall they be (Chorus) 00:03:14
12.   Part III Scene 1: Sinfonia 00:00:44
13.   Part III Scene 1: Accompagnato: Still am I persecuted (Tobit) 00:00:37
14.   Part III Scene 1: Air: Cease your Pride, deluded mortals (Tobit) 00:02:20
15.   Part III Scene 1: Tremble, Guilt, for Thou Shalt find (Chorus) 00:02:42
16.   Part III Scene 2: Sinfonia 00:01:40
17.   Part III Scene 2: Recitative: Hail, Tobit! (Raphael, Tobit) 00:00:18
18.   Part III Scene 2: Accompagnato: Henceforth through all the changing Scenes of Life (Anna) 00:00:32
19.   Part III Scene 2: Air: My Son, how happy in this thy Sweet Return (Anna) 00:04:03
20.   Part III Scene 2: Let none Despair (Chorus) 00:03:29
21.   Part III Scene 3: Accompagnato and Recitative: Blest be the God of Heav'n (Tobit, Raguel) 00:01:25
22.   Part III Scene 3: Air: May true Joy (Raguel) 00:04:06
23.   Part III Scene 3: Terzetto: More chearfull appearing (Anna, Tobias, Sarah) 00:05:03
24.   Part III Scene 3: Air: Watchful angels (Sarah) 00:01:32
25.   Part III Scene 3: Recitative: O King of Kings (Sarah) 00:00:29
26.   Part III Scene 3: Air: Allelujah (Sarah) 00:03:21
27.   Part III Scene 3: Swift our numbers (Chorus) 00:02:39
28.   Part III Scene 3: Recitative: 'Tis well (Raphael) 00:00:21
29.   Part III Scene 3: Accompagnato: O Nineveh! (Raphael) 00:01:25
30.   Part III Scene 3: Air: In Jehovah's awful sight (Raphael) 00:02:02
31.   Part III Scene 3: Symphony 00:02:38
32.   Part III Scene 3: Recitative: Saw ye the radiant Streams of Light (Tobit) 00:00:39
33.   Part III Scene 3: Ye servants of th'eternal King (Soloists, Chorus) 00:03:17

Total Playing Time: 02:36:22

Handel, George Frideric

Smith, J. Christopher

Martini, Joachim Carlos

Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra

Junge Kantorei

Boog, Maya; Browner, Alison; Hannigan, Barbara; MacLeod, Stephan; Perillo, Linda; Schoch, Knut

Label: Naxos

Genre: Choral - Sacred

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: 8.570113-14

Barcode: 747313011377

Physical Release: 02/2007

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