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Classical Music Home > KORNGOLD, E.W.: Songs, Vol. 1 (Stallmeister, Schenker-Primus, K. Simon)

KORNGOLD, E.W.: Songs, Vol. 1 (Stallmeister, Schenker-Primus, K. Simon)


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About this Recording

KORNGOLD, E.W.: Songs, Vol. 1 (Stallmeister, Schenker-Primus, K. Simon)

The precociously gifted Korngold followed in the footsteps of the great late romantic composers Richard Strauss, Mahler and Pfitzner, his unwavering commitment to refined melody, ravishing harmony and formal coherence earning him the reputation of a musical anomaly in the face of the rising avant garde. Yet these very characteristics now drive immense interest in his music, among which the varied songs on this album rank among his most intimate and imaginative small-scale works. This new Naxos series is set to reveal countless treasures, worthy to be heard beside those of Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf.

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Straten, Eleonore van der / Kobald, Karl, lyricist(s)

  3 Lieder, Op. 22
1.   No. 1. Was Du mir bist … (What Are You To Me) 00:03:16
2.   No. 2. Mit Dir zu schweigen … (To be Silent When I'm With You) 00:02:10
3.   No. 3. Welt ist stille eingeschlafen … (The World Has Gone To Sleep) 00:02:27

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Straten, Eleonore van der, lyricist(s)

  Unverganglichkeit (Immortality), Op. 27
4.   No. 1. Unverganglichkeit I (Immortality I) 00:02:15
5.   No. 2. Das eilende Bachlein (The Rushing Little Stream) 00:01:35
6.   No. 3. Das schlafende Kind (The Sleeping Child) 00:01:53
7.   No. 4. Starker als der Tod (Stronger than Death) 00:01:59
8.   No. 5. Unverganglichkeit II (Immortality II) 00:02:37

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Shakespeare, William, lyricist(s)

  Songs of the Clown, Op. 29
9.   No. 1. Come Away, Death 00:02:16
10.   No. 2. O Mistress Mine 00:02:04
11.   No. 3. Adieu, Good Man Devil 00:00:44
12.   No. 4. Hey Robin 00:00:49
13.   No. 5. For the Rain, It Raineth Every Day 00:03:14
  4 Lieder, Op. 31
14.   No. 1. Desdemona's Song 00:02:59
15.   No. 2. Under the Greenwood Tree 00:01:54
16.   No. 3. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind 00:02:17
17.   No. 4. When Birds Do Sing 00:02:57

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Eichendorff, Joseph von, lyricist(s)

  12 Lieder, "So Gott und Papa will"
18.   No. 1. Das Standchen (Serenade) (also as Op. 9, No. 3) 00:02:15
19.   No. 2. Winternacht (Winter Night) 00:02:30
20.   No. 3. Das Madchen (The Girl) 00:01:30
21.   No. 4. Abendlandschaft (Evening Landscape) 00:01:31
22.   No. 5. Schneeglockchen (Snowdrops) (also as Op. 9, No. 1) 00:03:01
23.   No. 6. Aussicht (Outlook) 00:01:20
24.   No. 7. Die Sperlinge (The Sparrows) 00:01:10
25.   No. 8. Nachtwanderer (Night Wanderer) (also as Op. 9, No. 2) 00:02:52
26.   No. 9. Der Friedensbote (The Messenger of Peace) 00:01:13
27.   No. 10. Vom Berge (From The Mountain) 00:01:43
28.   No. 11. Waldeinsamkeit (Woodland Solitude) 00:02:05
29.   No. 12. Sangesmut (The Spirit of Singing) 00:01:13

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Honold, Elisabeth / Kipper, Heinrich / Trebitsch, Siegfried, lyricist(s)

  6 Einfache Lieder, Op. 9: Nos. 4-6
30.   No. 4. Liebesbriefchen (A Little Love Letter) 00:01:55
31.   No. 5. Das Heldengrab am Pruth (The Hero's Grave at Pruth) 00:02:54
32.   No. 6. Sommer (Summer) 00:02:54

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Eichendorff, Joseph von, lyricist(s)

  Angedenken (Remembrance)
33.   Angedenken (Remembrance) 00:01:56
34.   Vesper 00:03:08
  Reiselied (Travelling Song)
35.   Reiselied (Travelling Song) 00:01:22
  Der Geniale (The Genius)
36.   Der Geniale (The Genius) 00:00:56

Total Playing Time: 01:14:54

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang

Eichendorff, Joseph von; Honold, Elisabeth; Kipper, Heinrich; Kobald, Karl; Shakespeare, William; Straten, Eleonore van der; Trebitsch, Siegfried

Schenker-Primus, Uwe; Simon, Klaus; Stallmeister, Britta

Label: Naxos

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.572027

Barcode: 747313202775

Physical Release: 04/2011

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