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Classical Music Home > MAYR, J.S.: Iacob a Labano fugiens [Oratorio] (Simon Mayr Choir and Ensemble, Hauk)

MAYR, J.S.: Iacob a Labano fugiens [Oratorio] (Simon Mayr Choir and Ensemble, Hauk)


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About this Recording

MAYR, J.S.: Iacob a Labano fugiens [Oratorio] (Simon Mayr Choir and Ensemble, Hauk)

Bavarian-born Simon Mayr spent much of his life in Italy where he promoted Viennese classical composition but also absorbed much from his studies in Bergamo and Venice. Though he was one of the most admired operatic composers of his day—he taught Donizetti, who revered him—he was particularly noted for his sacred oratorios. Jacob’s Flight from Laban is marked by his characteristically vibrant musical palette, with important writing for wind instruments, operatically-based arias and confidently-handled ensembles and choruses. Franz Hauk is Mayr’s leading interpreter and acclaimed for his many recordings. ‘The music, performances, and recording are all first rate; unconditionally recommended.’ (Fanfare on Il sagrifizio di Jefte / Naxos 8.572719–20)

Mayr, Johann Simon
Foppa, Giuseppe Maria, lyricist(s)

  Iacob a Labano fugiens (Jacob's Flight from Laban)
1.   Sinfonia 00:04:17
2.   Terzetto con Coro: Sponsa amata (Jacob, Rachel, Laban, Chorus) 00:05:33
3.   Recitativo secco: Jacob oculis meis (Laban, Jacob, Lia) 00:01:00
4.   Aria: Ah, prata adite (Lia) 00:03:19
5.   Recitativo: Et aperire (Laban, Jacob, Rachel) 00:00:52
6.   Aria: Nil a vindicata (Laban) 00:02:30
7.   Recitativo secco: Ah! Mi Jacob quid erit (Rachel, Jacob) 00:00:14
8.   Recitativo accompagnato: Sed grandis ac tener (Rachel, Lia, Jacob) 00:00:42
9.   Terzetto: Qualis horrida funesta (Lia, Rachel, Jacob) 00:02:14
10.   Recitativo secco: Nil morae sit (Jacob, Lia, Rachel) 00:00:27
11.   Recitativo accompagnato: Immaginem delebo (Rachel) 00:01:52
12.   Aria: Per loca incerta obscura (Rachel) 00:04:37
13.   Recitativo secco: Lacrymae finis (Jacob, Lia, Rachel) 00:00:36
14.   Recitativo accompagnato: Amici, neque labor (Jacob, Lia, Rachel) 00:04:26
15.   Aria: Vade, a me fuge infida (Jacob) 00:04:36
16.   Recitativo accompagnato: Siste quaeso (Rachel, Lia, Jacob) 00:00:58
17.   Terzetto con Coro: Pedem moveo (Chorus, Jacob, Rachel, Lia) 00:04:31
18.   Recitativo secco: Ingrate Jacob (Laban, Pastor) 00:00:55
19.   Aria: Gemendo, sospiro (Pastor) 00:03:40
20.   Recitativo secco: Perfidae ingratae figliae (Laban, Jacob, Rachel) 00:00:44
21.   Recitativo accompagnato: Venio, te sequor (Rachel) 00:01:36
22.   Aria: Pater amans (Rachel) 00:04:37
23.   Recitativo secco: Ni fallor (Laban) 00:00:23
24.   Aria con Coro: Vos arma sumite (Laban, Chorus) 00:02:54
25.   Recitativo accompagnato: Miserum me (Jacob, Lia, Laban) 00:05:55
26.   Recitativo accompagnato: Lia, Rachel (Jacob) 00:02:03
27.   Aria: Date mihi extremum vale (Jacob) 00:05:30
28.   Recitativo secco: Siste, ne vadas (Laban, Rachel, Lia) 00:01:01
29.   Aria: Placida spiret aura (Lia) 00:04:53
30.   Recitativo secco: Ultra jam non resisto (Laban) 00:00:24
31.   Finale: Terzetto con Coro: Qualis amica dies (Jacob, Lia, Rachel, Chorus) 00:01:17

Total Playing Time: 01:18:36

Mayr, Johann Simon

Foppa, Giuseppe Maria

Hauk, Franz

Simon Mayr Ensemble

Simon Mayr Choir

Brown, Andrea Lauren; Comparini, Julie; Hauk, Franz; Lang-Alsvik, Gunhild; Ruckgaber, Katharina; Thornhill, Siri Karoline

Label: Naxos

Genre: Choral - Sacred

Period: Classical

Catalogue No: 8.573237

Barcode: 747313323777

Physical Release: 02/2015

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