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Classical Music Home > LOPES-GRAÇA, F.: Songs and Folk Songs (Gaspar, Moreso, Guimarães, Vieira de Almeida)

LOPES-GRAÇA, F.: Songs and Folk Songs (Gaspar, Moreso, Guimarães, Vieira de Almeida)


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LOPES-GRAÇA, F.: Songs and Folk Songs (Gaspar, Moreso, Guimarães, Vieira de Almeida)

Fernando Lopes-Graça was arguably the greatest Portuguese composer of the second half of the 20th century. He absorbed successive stylistic influences, but the core of his musical impulses lay in the folk music of his native country, a feature especially evident in his songs. The originality and complexity of his harmonisations, the vivid and communicative beauty of his sets of Christmas Songs and the subtlety of his settings of Russian and Hungarian songs illustrate a complete mastery of this aspect of his multifaceted art.

Lopes-Graça, Fernando

  4 Cantos do Natal (4 Christmas Songs), Op. 97
1.   No. 1. Ó meu menino Jesus (Oh my baby Jesus) 00:01:48
2.   No. 2. Vinde Pastores (Come, you shepherds) 00:02:00
3.   No. 3. Estando a Virgem (The Virgin was) 00:02:41
4.   No. 4. Ó meu menino tão lindo (Oh my beautiful baby) 00:02:38

Lopes-Graça, Fernando
Casais Monteiro, Adolfo, lyricist(s)

  3 Poemas de Adolfo Casais Monteiro (3 Poems by Adolfo Casais Monteiro), Op. 12
5.   No. 1. Música (Music) 00:02:34
6.   No. 2. Poemas das mãos tombadas (Hands Fallen Down) 00:01:20
7.   No. 3. Marcha triunfal (Triumphal March) 00:01:10

Lopes-Graça, Fernando
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  10 Canções populares húngaras (10 Hungarian Songs), Op. 87
8.   No. 1. Kertünk alatt (Under our garden they dig a hole) 00:02:20
9.   No. 2. Jeruzsálem Kapujában (At Jerusalem's gates) 00:01:31
10.   No. 3. Tegnap jártam zabaratni (Yesterday I reaped the oats) 00:00:54
11.   No. 4. A gyirmóti magas torony (The tall tower of Gyirmót) 00:01:54
12.   No. 5. Ideki a Csengébe (Out here in Csenge) 00:00:49
13.   No. 6. Estefelé (In the evening) 00:02:31
14.   No. 7. Látodé te azt a hegyet (Do you see upon that hill) 00:01:05
15.   No. 8. Jaj de porzik a zilahi (Alas, dust in the street) 00:02:09
16.   No. 9. Tedd be, vedd fö (Turn on, take the main) 00:00:43
17.   No. 10. Öszi szél (Autumn wind) 00:02:12

Lopes-Graça, Fernando
Rodrigues, Armindo, lyricist(s)

  2 Romances de Armindo Rodrigues (2 Romances by Armindo Rodrigues), Op. 47
18.   No. 1. Romance das três meninas no laranjal (Romance of Three Girls in an Orange Grove) 00:03:05
19.   No. 2. Romance dos sete cavaleiros (Romance of the Seven Horsemen) 00:02:33

Lopes-Graça, Fernando
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  9 Chansons populaires russes (9 Russian Folk Songs), Op. 66
20.   No. 1. Moissonneur! (Reapers!) 00:02:15
21.   No. 2. La mal - mariée (The Ill - married) 00:02:29
22.   No. 3. Je m'en irai (I am leaving) 00:02:17
23.   No. 4. Sur la rivière (On the river of Kozanka) 00:01:56
24.   No. 5. Poussière de neige (Snowflake) 00:01:52
25.   No. 6. Pétrouchka 00:01:49
26.   No. 7. Souliko 00:03:51
27.   No. 8. Ma petite maisonnette (My little cottage) 00:01:53
28.   No. 9. Sur les flots puissants du Volga (On the strong waves of the Volga) 00:06:14

Lopes-Graça, Fernando
Jardim, Adriano, lyricist(s)

  As 3 canções de Olívia (The Three Olivia Songs), Op. 20
29.   No. 1. Desalento (Dismay) 00:01:41
30.   No. 2. O bordado (The Embroidery) 00:01:12
31.   No. 3. Distância (Distance) 00:01:22

Lopes-Graça, Fernando
Vicente, Gil, lyricist(s)

  4 Novos cantos do Natal (4 New Christmas Songs)
32.   No. 1. Em Belém (In Bethlehem) 00:01:51
33.   No. 2. Dia de festa (Holiday) 00:02:39
34.   No. 3. Cantiga à Virgem (Song to the Virgin) 00:01:20
35.   No. 4. Vós sois Cristo (You are Christ) 00:04:17

Total Playing Time: 01:14:55

Lopes-Graça, Fernando

Casais Monteiro, Adolfo; Jardim, Adriano; Rodrigues, Armindo; Traditional; Vicente, Gil

Gaspar, Susana; Guimarães, Fernando; Moreso, Cátia; Vieira de Almeida, Nuno

Label: Naxos

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.579039

Barcode: 747313903979

Physical Release: 06/2018

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