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Classical Music Home > WAGNER, R.: Ring des Nibelungen (Der): Götterdämmerung [Opera] (Bonnema, Iturralde, Kapellmann, Bracht, Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra, Zagrosek)

WAGNER, R.: Ring des Nibelungen (Der): Götterdämmerung [Opera] (Bonnema, Iturralde, Kapellmann, Bracht, Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra, Zagrosek)


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About this Recording

WAGNER, R.: Ring des Nibelungen (Der): Götterdämmerung [Opera] (Bonnema, Iturralde, Kapellmann, Bracht, Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra, Zagrosek)

Comprising four separate operas, Wagner’s visionary Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) took 25 years to complete. Centred around a ring of power and the attempts of various people to acquire it, the Ring cycle explores the relationship between love and earthly power and the themes of yearning and loss, all within a setting of medieval legend. The fourth opera of the cycle, Götterdämmerung, brings the betrayal and death of the young hero Siegfried and of his beloved Brünnhilde. The ring itself is restored to the Rhinemaidens, and the age of gods and heroes ends, as Valhalla burns.

Stuttgart State Opera has been voted Opera Theatre of the Year six times by critics in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. “Lothar Zagrosek’s shaping of the score is unerringly vivid.” BBC Music Magazine, June 2004.

Disc 1

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

1.   Prologue: Einleitung 00:02:06
2.   Prologue: Welch Licht leuchtet dort (The Norns) 00:13:49
3.   Prologue: Orchesterzwischenspiel, "Tagesgrauen" (Dawn) 00:03:23
4.   Prologue: Zu neuen Taten, teurer Helde (Brunnhilde) 00:02:22
5.   Prologue: Mehr gabst du, Wunderfrau (Siegfried, Brunnhilde) 00:09:34
6.   Prologue: Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt (Siegfried's Rhine Journey) 00:05:07
7.   Act I Scene 1: Nun hor', Hagen, sage mir, Held (Gunther, Hagen, Gutrune) 00:05:31
8.   Act I Scene 1: Wie weckst du Zweifel und Zwist! (Gunther, Hagen, Gutrune) 00:04:23
9.   Act I Scene 1: Vom Rhein ertont das Horn (Gunther, Hagen, Siegfried) 00:03:02

Disc 2

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

1.   Act I Scene 2: Wer ist Gibichs Sohn (Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen) 00:02:02
2.   Act I Scene 2: Begrusse froh, o Held (Gunther, Siegfried, Hagen) 00:03:30
3.   Act I Scene 2: Willkommen, Gast, in Gibichs Haus! (Gutrune, Siegfried, Gunther) 00:03:31
4.   Act I Scene 2: Hast du, Gunther, ein Weib (Siegfried, Gunther) 00:03:14
5.   Act I Scene 2: Blut - Bruderschaft schwore ein Eid! (Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen, Gutrune) 00:06:22
6.   Act I Scene 2: Hier sitz' ich zur Wacht, wahre den Hof (Hagen) 00:04:35
7.   Act I Scene 2: Orchesterzwischenspiel (Entr'acte) 00:06:25
8.   Act I Scene 3: Altgewohntes Gerausch (Brunnhilde, Waltraute) 00:08:33
9.   Act I Scene 3: Seit er von dir geschieden (Waltraute) 00:08:41
10.   Act I Scene 3: Da sann ich nach: von seiner Seite (Waltraute, Brunnhilde) 00:07:00
11.   Act I Scene 3: Blitzend Gewolk (Brunnhilde, Siegfried) 00:09:24
12.   Act I Scene 3: Jetzt bist du mein (Siegfried, Brunnhilde) 00:03:17

Disc 3

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

1.   Act II: Vorspiel 00:03:03
2.   Act II Scene 1: Schlafst du, Hagen, mein Sohn (Alberich, Hagen) 00:07:55
3.   Act II Scene 1: Orchesterzwischenspiel (Entr'acte) 00:02:13
4.   Act II Scene 2: Hoiho, Hagen! Muder Mann! (Siegfried, Hagen, Gutrune) 00:04:46
5.   Act II Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (Hagen, Vassals) 00:08:32
6.   Act II Scene 4: Heil dir, Gunther! (Vassals) 00:01:22
7.   Act II Scene 4: Brunnhild', die hehrste Frau (Gunther, Vassals) 00:02:59
8.   Act II Scene 4: Was ist ihr Ist sie entruckt (Chorus, Siegfried, Brunnhilde, Hagen, Gunther, Gutrune) 00:08:28
9.   Act II Scene 4: Achtest du so der eignen Ehre (Siegfried, Brunnhilde, Chorus, Gunther, Gutrune, Hagen) 00:03:08
10.   Act II Scene 4: Helle Wehr! Heilige Waffe! (Siegfried, Brunnhilde, Chorus) 00:06:43
11.   Act II Scene 5: Welches Unholds List liegt hier verhohlen (Brunnhilde, Hagen, Gunther) 00:07:58
12.   Act II Scene 5: Dir hilft kein Hirn (Hagen, Gunther, Brunnhilde) 00:06:45

Disc 4

Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard, lyricist(s)

1.   Act III: Vorspiel 00:02:43
2.   Act III Scene 1: Frau Sonne sendet lichte Strahlen (Rhinemaidens) 00:03:29
3.   Act III Scene 1: Ich hore sein Horn (Rhinemaidens, Siegfried) 00:04:23
4.   Act III Scene 1: Was leid' ich doch das karge Lob (Siegfried, Rhinemaidens) 00:09:06
5.   Act III Scene 2: Hoiho! (Hagen, Male Chorus, Siegfried, Gunther) 00:06:41
6.   Act III Scene 2: Mime hiess ein murrischer Zwerg (Siegfried, Hagen, Vassals) 00:07:35
7.   Act III Scene 2: Was hor' ich! (Gunther, Hagen, Vassals) 00:02:19
8.   Act III Scene 2: Brunnhilde! Heilige Braut! (Siegfried) 00:03:25
9.   Act III Scene 2: Siegfrieds Trauermarsch (Siegfried's Funeral March) 00:07:43
10.   Act III Scene 3: War das sein Horn (Gutrune, Hagen, Gunther) 00:07:16
11.   Act III Scene 3: Schweigt eures Jammers (Brunnhilde, Gutrune) 00:03:17
12.   Act III Scene 3: Starke Scheite schichtet mir dort (Brunnhilde) 00:08:59
13.   Act III Scene 3: Mein Erbe nun nehm' ich zu eigen (Brunnhilde) 00:02:27
14.   Act III Scene 3: Fliegt heim, ihr Raben! (Brunnhilde) 00:03:30
15.   Act III: Conclusion (Hagen) 00:05:05

Total Playing Time: 04:17:41

Wagner, Richard

Wagner, Richard

Zagrosek, Lothar

Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra

Stuttgart State Opera Chorus

Bonnema, Albert; Bracht, Roland; Castle, Sarah; Collins, Janet; DeVol, Luana; Indridadottir, Helga Ros; Iturralde, Hernan; Kapellmann, Franz-Josef; Patchell, Sue; Poulson, Lani; Vaughn, Tichina; Westbroek, Eva-Maria

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.660179-82

Barcode: 0730099617925

Physical Release: 04/2007

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