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Classical Music Home > ADAMS, J.: Nixon in China (Orth, Kanyova, Hammons, Heller, Opera Colorado Chorus, Colorado Symphony, Alsop)

ADAMS, J.: Nixon in China (Orth, Kanyova, Hammons, Heller, Opera Colorado Chorus, Colorado Symphony, Alsop)


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About this Recording
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ADAMS, J.: Nixon in China (Orth, Kanyova, Hammons, Heller, Opera Colorado Chorus, Colorado Symphony, Alsop)

A longtime collaborator of John Adams and champion of his music, Marin Alsop directs this live recording of Opera Colorado’s 25th Anniversary Celebration production of Nixon in China, presented at Denver’s new Ellie Caulkins Opera House during the 2008 National Performing Arts Convention, and featuring an internationally recognized cast. Alice Goodman’s epic libretto and John Adams’s distinctive music weave together a colorful fabric of actual events from President Nixon’s historic visit to the People’s Republic of China with intimate examinations of the opera’s real life characters. The spectacle, drama, humor and pathos of this masterpiece remain as compelling today as when the opera was premièred in 1987.

Disc 1

Adams, John
Goodman, Alice, lyricist(s)

  Nixon in China
1.   Act I Scene 1: Beginning 00:02:46
2.   Act I Scene 1: Soldiers of heaven hold the sky (Chorus) 00:02:45
3.   Act I Scene 1: The people are the heroes now (Chorus) 00:02:51
4.   Act I Scene 1: Landing of the Spirit of '76 00:02:34
5.   Act I Scene 1: Your flight was smooth, I hope (Chou, Nixon) 00:01:25
6.   Act I Scene 1: News has a kind of mystery (Nixon, Chou, Kissinger, Chorus) 00:07:29
7.   Act I Scene 2: Beginning - I can't talk very well. My throat… (Mao, Nixon, Chou, Kissinger, 3 Secretaries) 00:04:19
8.   Act I Scene 2: You know we'll meet with your confrere, the Democratic candidate (Mao, Nixon, Kissinger) 00:02:40
9.   Act I Scene 2: You've said that there's a certain well - known tree (Chou, Nixon, Mao, Kissinger, 3 Secretaries) 00:02:48
10.   Act I Scene 2: Founders come first, then profiteers (Mao, 3 Secretaries, Nixon, Chou, Kissinger) 00:07:25
11.   Act I Scene 2: We no longer need Confucius (Mao, 3 Secretaries) 00:03:10
12.   Act I Scene 2: Like the Ming Tombs (Nixon, 3 Secretaries, Mao, Chou) 00:05:34
13.   Act I Scene 3: Beginning - The night is young (Nixon, Pat, Chou, Kissinger, Chorus) 00:06:32
14.   Act I Scene 3: Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Friends (Chou, Chorus, Pat, Kissinger) 00:07:00
15.   Act I Scene 3: Mr. Premier, distinguished guests (Nixon, Chorus) 00:02:48
16.   Act I Scene 3: Cheers! (Chorus, Nixon, Chou, Pat, Kissinger) 00:04:16

Disc 2

Adams, John
Goodman, Alice, lyricist(s)

  Nixon in China
1.   Act II Scene 1: Beginning - I don't daydream and don't look back (Pat) 00:03:49
2.   Act II Scene 1: Look down at the earth (Chorus, Pat, 3 Secretaries) 00:05:51
3.   Act II Scene 1: This is prophetic! (Pat) 00:07:58
4.   Act II Scene 1: At last the weather's warming up (Pat, Chorus) 00:03:19
5.   Act II Scene 2: Beginning - Young as we are (3 Secretaries) 00:03:02
6.   Act II Scene 2: O what a day I thought I'd die! (Kissinger as Lao Szu, Chorus as Ching - hua, 3 Secretaries, Pat) 00:04:41
7.   Act II Scene 2: Whip her to death! (Kissinger as Lao Szu, Pat, Nixon) 00:02:58
8.   Act II Scene 2: Tropical Storm: There there, there there (Pat) 00:04:57
9.   Act II Scene 2: Flesh Rebels (Chorus as Militia) 00:03:09
10.   Act II Scene 2: I have my brief (Kissinger as Lao Szu, Nixon) 00:01:11
11.   Act II Scene 2: It seems so strange (Chorus as Ching - hua, Chiang Ch'ing, Pat, Nixon, 3 Secretaries) 00:03:02
12.   Act II Scene 2: I am the wife of Mao Tse - tung (Chiang Ch'ing, Chorus) 00:07:05

Disc 3

Adams, John
Goodman, Alice, lyricist(s)

  Nixon in China
1.   Act III: Beginning 00:01:10
2.   Act III: Some men you cannot satisfy (Kissinger, Nixon, Pat, Chou, Chiang Ch'ing) 00:03:09
3.   Act III: I am no one (Mao, Chou, Kissinger, Chiang Ch'ing, Pat) 00:03:47
4.   Act III: The Maos Dance (Chiang Ch'ing, Mao, Pat, Nixon, Chou) 00:02:05
5.   Act III: Sitting around the radio (Nixon, Pat) 00:01:17
6.   Act III: Let us examine what you did (Mao, Chiang Ch'ing, Chou) 00:02:55
7.   Act III: When I woke up I dimly realized the Jap Bombers had given us a miss (Nixon, Pat) 00:01:22
8.   Act III: I have no offspring (Chou, Mao, Chiang Ch'ing) 00:02:05
9.   Act III: I can keep still (Chiang Ch'ing) 00:03:14
10.   Act III: After that the sweat had soaked my uniform (Nixon, Pat, Chiang Ch'ing, Mao, Chou) 00:02:55
11.   Act III: Peking watches the stars (Chiang Ch'ing, Mao) 00:03:30
12.   Act III: You won at poker (Pat, Nixon, Chiang Ch'ing, Mao) 00:04:02
13.   Act III: I am old and I cannot sleep (Chou) 00:04:57

Total Playing Time: 02:33:52

Adams, John

Goodman, Alice

Alsop, Marin

Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Opera Colorado Chorus

Dahl, Tracy; DeDominici, Jennifer; Hammons, Thomas; Heller, Marc; Kanyova, Maria; Malde, Melissa; Orth, Robert; Simson, Julie; Yuan, Chen-Ye

Label: Naxos

Series: American Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.669022-24

Barcode: 730099902274

Physical Release: 10/2009

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