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Classical Music Home > BLITZSTEIN, M.: Cradle Will Rock (The) - No for an Answer - The Airborne Symphony (Blitzstein) (1938-1947)

BLITZSTEIN, M.: Cradle Will Rock (The) - No for an Answer - The Airborne Symphony (Blitzstein) (1938-1947)


BLITZSTEIN, M.: Cradle Will Rock (The) - No for an Answer - The Airborne Symphony (Blitzstein) (1938-1947)

Disc 1

Blitzstein, Marc
Blitzstein, Marc, lyricist(s)

  The Cradle Will Rock
1.   Scene 1: Streetcorner: I'm checkin' home now (Moll) 00:03:25
2.   Scene 2: Nightcourt 00:00:50
3.   Scene 3: Mission scene (Mrs. Mister, Reverend Salvation) 00:06:51
4.   Scene 4: Lawn for Mr. Mister' Home: Croon spoon (Junior Mister, Sister Mister) - The freedom of the press (Mr. Mister, Editor Daily) - Honolulu (Junior Mister, Sister Mister, Editor Daily, Mr. Mister) 00:09:51
5.   Scene 5: Drugstore scene (Harry Druggist, Steve) - Gus and Sadie Love Song (Gus Polock, Sadie Polock) 00:07:51
6.   Scene 6: Hotellobby: The rich (Yasha, Dauber) - Ask us again (Yasha, Dauber, Mrs. Mister) - Art for art's sake (Yasha, Dauber) 00:06:43
7.   Scene 7: Nightcourt: Nickel under the foot (Moll) - Leaflets (Larry Foreman) - The cradle will rock (Larry Foreman) 00:08:22
8.   Scene 8: Facultyroom 00:00:50
9.   Scene 9: Dr. Specialist's Office: Doctor and Ella (Ella Hammer, Doctor Specialist) - Joe worker (Ella Hammer) 00:05:23
10.   Scene 10: Finale: Nightcourt (All) 00:05:27

Disc 2

Blitzstein, Marc
Blitzstein, Marc, lyricist(s)

  No for an Answer (excerpts)
1.   Act I Scene 1: Opening Chorus (Chorus) 00:03:02
2.   Act I Scene 4: Secret singing 00:03:02
3.   Act I Scene 6: Dimples - fraught 00:04:15
4.   Act I Scene 8: Francie 00:03:14
5.   Act I Scene 10: No for an answer (Chorus) 00:05:50
6.   Act II Scene 1: Penny candy 00:04:52
7.   Act II Scene 4: 3 Character Sketches: Mike 00:02:00
8.   Act I Scene 3: 3 Character Sketches: Gina 00:01:33
9.   Act II Scene 7: 3 Character Sketches: Nick 00:01:18
10.   Act II Scene 7: Purest kind of a guy 00:04:00
11.   Act II Scene 9: Make the heart be stone (Chorus) 00:03:12

Blitzstein, Marc

  Show (excerpts)
12.   Variation 3 00:04:20
13.   Three, four dance 00:02:35
14.   Finale 00:01:57

Blitzstein, Marc
Blitzstein, Marc, lyricist(s)

  Dusty Sun
15.   Dusty Sun 00:03:36

Disc 3

Blitzstein, Marc
Blitzstein, Marc, lyricist(s)

  The Airborne Symphony
1.   I. Theory of Flight 00:04:42
2.   I. Ballad of History and Mythology 00:07:23
3.   I. Kittyhawk 00:00:31
4.   I. The Airborne 00:01:43
5.   II. The Enemy 00:04:34
6.   II. Threat and Approach 00:03:07
7.   II. Ballad of the Cities 00:07:08
8.   II. Morning Poem 00:01:56
9.   III. Ballad of Hurry - Up 00:06:39
10.   III. Night Music: Ballad of the Bombardier 00:05:18
11.   III. Recitative 00:00:47
12.   III. Chorus of the Rendezvous 00:02:23
13.   III. The Open Sky 00:08:04

Total Playing Time: 02:38:34

Blitzstein, Marc

Blitzstein, Marc

Bernstein, Leonard

New York Symphony Orchestra

RCA Victor Chorus; Studio chorus

Adair, John; Alexander, Guido; Bernstein, Leonard; Bird, Howard; Blitzstein, Marc; Bodkins, Billy; Carter, Helen; Channing, Carol; Clark, Robert; Collins, Blanche; Conway, Bert; Conway, Curt; Coudray, Peggy; Deering, Olive; Dixon, Alma; Dorsey, Abner; Fairchild, George; Farnsworth, Robert; Fox, Dulce; Fuller, Edward; Gough, Lloyd; Green, Norma; Hallums, Lilia; Holland, Charles; Holmes, Marymal; Lauria, Larry; Loring, Michael; MacBane, Ralph; Marvel, Frank; Niemeyer, Charles; Operti, LeRoi; Ramson, Ralph; Rudley, Marian; Ruskin, Coby; Scheff, Walter; Schly, Lucille; Schmidt, Jules; Shaw, Robert; Sidney, E.; Silva, Howard da; Smithfield, George; Sondergaard, Hester; Stanton, Olive; Weston, Bert; Wolfson, Martin

Label: Naxos Classical Archives

Genre: Ballet; Musicals; Opera; Orchestral; Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 9.81066-68P

Barcode: 747313106615

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Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions. Exclusively available for streaming and download. Not available on CD

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