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Gray, Jerry / Byrd, Roy
Gray, Jerry / Byrd, Roy, lyricist(s)

  Buzz - Buzz - Buzz
1.   Play with flash player Buzz - Buzz - Buzz 00:02:11

Carmichael, Hoagy
Parish, Mitchell, lyricist(s)

  Star Dust
2.   Play with flash player Star Dust 00:03:10

Leiber, Jerry / Stoller, Mike
Leiber, Jerry / Stoller, Mike, lyricist(s)

  Lucky Lips
3.   Play with flash player Lucky Lips 00:02:06

Johnson, Enotris
Richard, Little, lyricist(s)

  Miss Ann
4.   Play with flash player Miss Ann 00:02:16

Booras / Columbo / Kay
Booras / Columbo / Kay, lyricist(s)

  Zip Zip
5.   Play with flash player Zip Zip 00:02:03

Miles, Jean / Williams, Tony
Miles, Jean / Williams, Tony, lyricist(s)

  One in a Million
6.   Play with flash player One in a Million 00:02:52

Knox, Buddy
Knox, Buddy, lyricist(s)

  Hula Love
7.   Play with flash player Hula Love 00:02:20

Denton, Jimmy / Bennett, Joe
Denton, Jimmy / Bennett, Joe, lyricist(s)

  Black Slacks
8.   Play with flash player Black Slacks 00:02:02

Price, Lloyd
Price, Lloyd, lyricist(s)

  Just Because
9.   Play with flash player Just Because 00:02:44

September, Anthony
September, Anthony, lyricist(s)

  99 Ways
10.   Play with flash player 99 Ways 00:01:44

Fisher, Fred / Raskin, William
Hill, Billy / Fisher, Fred / Raskin, William, lyricist(s)

  That's When Your Heartaches Begin
11.   Play with flash player That's When Your Heartaches Begin 00:03:22

Harrison, Larry / Dixon, Luther
Harrison, Larry / Dixon, Luther, lyricist(s)

  Why Baby Why
12.   Play with flash player Why Baby Why 00:01:59

Williams, Larry / Bono, Sonny
Williams, Larry / Bono, Sonny, lyricist(s)

  You Bug Me, Baby
13.   Play with flash player You Bug Me, Baby 00:01:50

Lendhurst, Pearl
Lendhurst, Pearl, lyricist(s)

  Be-Bop Baby
14.   Play with flash player Be - Bop Baby 00:01:59

Dee, Johnny
Dee, Johnny, lyricist(s)

  Sittin' in the Balcony
15.   Play with flash player Sittin' in the Balcony 00:01:56

Goodman, Dorothy / Scott, Winfield
Goodman, Dorothy / Scott, Winfield, lyricist(s)

  Yes Tonight, Josephine
16.   Play with flash player Yes Tonight, Josephine 00:02:26

Kramer, Alex / Whitney, Joan
Kramer, Alex / Whitney, Joan, lyricist(s)

  Cool Shake
17.   Play with flash player Cool Shake 00:02:11

Collins, Albert / Richard, Little
Collins, Albert / Richard, Little, lyricist(s)

18.   Play with flash player Lucille 00:02:24

Sano / Testa
Sano / Testa, lyricist(s)

  Your Wild Heart
19.   Play with flash player Your Wild Heart 00:02:44

Justis, Bill / Manker, Sid
Justis, Bill / Manker, Sid, lyricist(s)

20.   Play with flash player Raunchy 00:02:14

Total Playing Time: 00:46:33

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