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Classical Music Home > WEILL, K.: Firebrand of Florence (The) [Opera]

WEILL, K.: Firebrand of Florence (The) [Opera]


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WEILL, K.: Firebrand of Florence (The) [Opera]

Disc 1

Weill, Kurt
Gershwin, Ira, lyricist(s)

  The Firebrand of Florence
1.   Prelude 00:03:42
2.   Act I Scene 1: When the Bell of Doom is Clanging (Narrator, Hangman, Gallows Builders) 00:05:10
3.   Act I Scene 1: If you're bent on viewing something doing, come to Florence! (Chorus, Narrator) 00:04:50
4.   Act I Scene 1: My lords and ladies, foes and friends (Cellini, Choir) 00:08:58
5.   Act I Scene 2: Duet: The master is free again (Emilia, Ascanio, Narrator) 00:01:07
6.   Act I Scene 3: Arietta: I had just been pardoned (Cellini) 00:04:16
7.   Act I Scene 3: Duet: I think you're very handsome (Angela, Cellini, Narrator) 00:06:28
8.   Act I Scene 3: Arietta: I had just been pardoned (Cellini, Marquis, Narrator) 00:00:53
9.   Act I Scene 3: Chorus and Aria: Benvenuto, I implore you, this is your last chance (Marquis, Duke, Ottaviano, Narrator, Chorus) 00:05:09
10.   Act I Scene 3: Finaletto: I am happy here (Angela, Emilia, Duke, Ottaviano, Narrator, Chorus) 00:03:24
11.   Act I Scene 4: Make way for the Duchess (Blackamoor, Duchess, Narrator) 00:02:13
12.   Act I Scene 4: Aria: I am not like Circe, whon showed men no mercy (Duchess, Male Quartet, Cellini, Narrator) 00:05:40
13.   Act I Scene 5: Madrigal: When the Duchess is away (Emilia, Duke, Chorus) 00:03:11
14.   Act I Scene 5: Duet: Although my black misfortune we're surrounded (Angela, Cellini, Narrator) 00:03:22
15.   Act I Scene 5: Trio: Dear young woman (Angela, Duke, Cellini, Narrator) 00:03:54
16.   Act I Scene 5: Finale: All a - tremble we assemble shouting, What's the matter (Entire Company) 00:12:02

Disc 2

Weill, Kurt
Gershwin, Ira, lyricist(s)

  The Firebrand of Florence
1.   Act II Scene 1: Duet: If you ever, ever dared to leave me (Angela , Cellini) 00:01:44
2.   Act II Scene 1: Message from the Duchess! ( Blackamoor, Cellini, Angela, Emilia, Narrator) 00:02:29
3.   Act II Scene 1: The little god of love is the one I'm fondest of (Emilia, Angela, Chorus) 00:04:09
4.   Act II Scene 3: It's always been a pleasure to dedicate a measure (Duke, Chorus) 00:05:15
5.   Act II Scene 4: Procession: Souvenirs! Hurry, hurry, get your souvenirs (Vendors, Hangman, Chorus) 00:01:48
6.   Act II Scene 5: Oh the world is full of villains (Chorus, Duke, Cellini, Magistrate) 00:02:25
7.   Act II Scene 5: In Naples one night a wandering gypsy (Cellini, Duke, Chorus) 00:06:55
8.   Act II Scene 5: Oh, it pays to have a witness (Hangman, Angela, Duchness, Narrator, Chorus) 00:02:38
9.   Act II Scene 5: Duet: Love is my enemy (Cellini, Angela) 00:03:47
10.   Act II Scene 5: My poor child, he isn't worth one of your tears! (Duchness, Angela, Narrator) 00:01:30
11.   Act II Scene 6: If you're bent on viewing something doing, come to Paris ( Marquis, Chorus, Narrator) 00:03:29
12.   Act II Scene 7: Finale: Sarabande: You left Florence without coming to decorate my fountain (Duchess, Cellini, Angela, Duke, Maffio, Narrator) 00:03:57
13.   Act II Scene 7: Finale Ultimo: Heav'n or hell, who can tell what comes after (Entire Company) 00:03:33

Total Playing Time: 01:57:58

Weill, Kurt

Gershwin, Ira

Davis, Andrew

BBC Symphony Orchestra

BBC Singers

Beale, Simon Russell; Charlesworth, Stephen; Dvorsky, George; Fuller, Lori Ann; Gilfry, Rodney; Heath, Roger; Johnston, Robert; MacIntyre, Stuart; Palmer, Felicity; Schaufer, Lucy; Waddington, Henry

Label: Capriccio

Genre: Opera

Catalogue No: C60091

Barcode: 845221004563

Physical Release: 2003

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