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NESTICO, Sammy: Fun Time



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NESTICO, Sammy: Fun Time

Nestico, Sammy
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

  Blues Samuel
1.   Play with flash player Blues Samuel 00:06:51
  A New Day
2.   Play with flash player A New Day 00:04:11
  A Pair of Aces
3.   Play with flash player A Pair of Aces 00:06:12
  Out of the Night
4.   Play with flash player Out of the Night 00:05:33
5.   Play with flash player D'Ann 00:05:49

Nestico, Sammy

  Fun Time
6.   Play with flash player Fun Time 00:04:52

Nestico, Sammy
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

7.   Play with flash player Celebracion 00:04:12

Armstrong, Lillian Hardin
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

  Struttin' with some Barbecue
8.   Play with flash player Struttin' with some Barbecue 00:04:42

Nestico, Sammy
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

  Orchids and Butterflies
9.   Play with flash player Orchids and Butterflies 00:05:23
  Not really the Blues
10.   Play with flash player Not really the Blues 00:03:32
  The Four of Us (You 'N' Me)
11.   Play with flash player The Four of Us (You 'N' Me) 00:04:45
  Rare Moment
12.   Play with flash player Rare Moment 00:07:41

Lown, Bert / Gray, Chauncey / Bennett, Dave / Hamm, Fred
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

  Bye Bye Blues
13.   Play with flash player Bye Bye Blues 00:04:47

Nestico, Sammy / Vaughan, Sarah
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

  A Song for Sarah
14.   Play with flash player A Song for Sarah 00:04:05

Morton, Jelly Roll
Nestico, Sammy, arranger(s)

  King Porter Stomp
15.   Play with flash player King Porter Stomp 00:03:40

Total Playing Time: 01:16:15

Armstrong, Lillian Hardin; Bennett, Dave; Gray, Chauncey; Hamm, Fred; Lown, Bert; Morton, Jelly Roll; Nestico, Sammy; Vaughan, Sarah

Nestico, Sammy

Nestico, Sammy

South West German Radio Big Band

Badila, Decebal; Cumming, Ian; Farrent, Karl; Godfroid, Marc; Graf, Klaus; Hutter, Ernst; Joris, Guido; Kuhn, Axel; Maile, Andy; Maus, Georg; Paquette, Pierre; Rader, Don; Schopfer, Klaus-Peter; Sima, Libor; Wagenleiter, Klaus; Weber, Steffen

Label: SWR Classic

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary

Catalogue No: CD93.247

Barcode: 4010276022015

Release Date: 03/2009

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