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Fauré, Gabriel

1.   Play with flash player Vocalise - etude 00:03:14

Fauré, Gabriel
Gautier, Théophile, lyricist(s)

2.   Play with flash player Tristesse 00:02:51

Fauré, Gabriel
Bordese, Stephane, lyricist(s)

  En priere
3.   Play with flash player En priere 00:02:46

Boulanger, Lili
Maeterlinck, Maurice, lyricist(s)

  Reflets (Reflections)
4.   Play with flash player Reflets (Reflections) 00:03:02
  Attente (Expectation)
5.   Play with flash player Attente (Expectation) 00:02:21

Boulanger, Lili
Delaquys, Georges, lyricist(s)

  Le retour
6.   Play with flash player Le retour 00:05:35

Ravel, Maurice

  Piece en forme de Habanera
7.   Play with flash player Piece en forme de Habanera 00:03:46

Debussy, Claude
Baudelaire, Charles, lyricist(s)

  5 Poems de Baudelaire: Le jet d'eau
8.   Play with flash player 5 Poems de Baudelaire: Le jet d'eau 00:06:05

Boulanger, Lili
Jammes, Francis, lyricist(s)

  Clairieres dans le ciel (Clearings in the Sky)
9.   Play with flash player I. Elle etait descendue au bas de la prairie (She has gone down to the b ottom of the meadow) 00:02:00
10.   Play with flash player II. Elle est gravement gaie (She is solemnly gay) 00:01:47
11.   Play with flash player III. Parfois, je suis triste (Sometimes I am sad) 00:03:37
12.   Play with flash player IV. Un poete disait (A poet said) 00:01:44
13.   Play with flash player V. Au pied de mon lit (At the foot of my bed) 00:02:23
14.   Play with flash player VI. Si tout ceci n'est qu'um pauvre reve (If all this is but a poor dream) 00:02:28
15.   Play with flash player VII. Nous nous aimerons tant (We will love each other so much) 00:02:49
16.   Play with flash player VIII. Vous m'avez regarde avec toute votre ame (You looked at me with all your soul) 00:01:32
17.   Play with flash player IX. Les lilas qui avaient fleuri (The lilacs that flowered) 00:02:36
18.   Play with flash player X. Deux ancolies (Two columbines) 00:01:20
19.   Play with flash player XI. Par ce que j'ai souffert (Becuase of what I have suffered) 00:03:01
20.   Play with flash player XII. Je garde une medaille d'elle (I keep a medallion of hers) 00:01:59
21.   Play with flash player XIII. Demain fera un an (Tomorrow it will be a year) 00:08:42

Messiaen, Olivier
Sauvage, Cécile / Messiaen, Olivier, lyricist(s)

  Le sourire
22.   Play with flash player Le sourire 00:01:35

Honegger, Arthur

23.   Play with flash player Vocalise - etude 00:02:11

Boulanger, Lili
Calonne, Bertha Galeron de, lyricist(s)

  Dans l'immense tristesse (In Immense Sadness)
24.   Play with flash player Dans l'immense tristesse (In Immense Sadness) 00:05:51

Total Playing Time: 01:15:15

Boulanger, Lili; Debussy, Claude; Fauré, Gabriel; Honegger, Arthur; Messiaen, Olivier; Ravel, Maurice

Baudelaire, Charles; Bordese, Stephane; Calonne, Bertha Galeron de; Delaquys, Georges; Gautier, Théophile; Jammes, Francis; Maeterlinck, Maurice; Messiaen, Olivier; Sauvage, Cécile

Michaels Bedi, Patrice; Rollins, Rebecca

Label: Cedille

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century; Romantic

Catalogue No: CDR90000-054

Barcode: 735131905428

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