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Disc 1

Piccinni, Niccolo
Marmontel, Jean Francois, lyricist(s)

1.   Act I: Overture: I. Allegro maestoso 00:02:58
2.   Act I: Overture: II. Andante sostenuto 00:04:10
3.   Act I: Overture: III. Allegro sans presser 00:02:51
4.   Act I Scene 1: Oui, Je veuz dissiper le trouble de mon coeur (Didon, Elise, Phenice) 00:05:45
5.   Act I Scene 1: Nous allons la revoir (Didon) 00:00:45
6.   Act I Scene 2: Le cor nous appelle a la chasse (Chorus) 00:02:16
7.   Act I Scene 2: Venez, enfant des Dieux (Didon) 00:04:00
8.   Act I Scene 2: Air de Triomphe 00:02:30
9.   Act I Scene 3: Reine, aux jeux de la paix (Enee, Didon) 00:02:58
10.   Act I Scene 4: Garde - toi de me faire connaitre (Yarbe, Didon) 00:02:16
11.   Act I Scene 4: Quelle dedaigneuse fierte! (Araspe, Yarbe, Didon) 00:05:15
12.   Act I Scene 5: C'est donc toi que Didon couronne (Yarbe, Enee, Ensemble) 00:04:14
13.   Act I Scene 6: Courons a la vengeance (Yarbe) 00:04:21
14.   Act II Scene 1: Au noir chagrin qui me devore (Enee, Elise) 00:04:05
15.   Act II Scene 1: Plaignez in Roi, plaignez un pere (Enee, Elise) 00:03:59
16.   Act II Scene 2: Il croira donc que je lui cede! (Enee) 00:02:35
17.   Act II Scene 3: D'un Heros (Didon, Enee) 00:02:24
18.   Act II Scene 3: Ah! Que je fus bien inspiree (Didon, Enee) 00:08:03
19.   Act II Scene 4: L'amour a. dans mon coeur (Yarbe, Didon) 00:06:04

Disc 2

Piccinni, Niccolo
Marmontel, Jean Francois, lyricist(s)

1.   Act II Scene 5: Quelle noirceur! (Didon) - Scene 6: Peuple, un Heros (Didon, Chorus, Female Chorus, Small Male Chorus, Chorus of Trojans, Enee, Chorus of Tyreans) 00:05:26
2.   Act II Scene 6: Reine, et vous (Enee, Didon) - Scene 7: Notre Hymen est par (Didon, Enee) 00:04:03
3.   Act II Scene 7: Trio: Tu sais si mon coeur (Didon, Enee, Ensemble) 00:03:00
4.   Act II Scene 7: Tu veux me fuir (Didon, Enee, Elise) - Scene 8: Aux armes (Chorus, Enee, Didon, Elise) 00:05:09
5.   Act III Scene 1: Non, ce n'est plus pour moi (Didon) - Scene 2: Victoire! (Chorus) 00:05:08
6.   Act III Scene 2: Dieux des Troyens (Chorus) 00:01:43
7.   Act III Scene 2: Ah! Le beau jour pour vous! (Didon, Enee) 00:01:09
8.   Act III Scene 3: Au comble de la gloire (Didon, Enee) 00:02:27
9.   Act III Scene 3: Vous la savez (Enee, Didon) 00:02:55
10.   Act III Scene 3: Ah! Prends pitie de ma faiblesse (Didon) 00:03:38
11.   Act III Scene 3: Dans ce coeur malheureux que ne (Enee, Didon) 00:02:54
12.   Act III Scene 3: Quelques dangers que me prepare (Enee, Didon) 00:01:56
13.   Act III Scene 4: Inexorables Dieux! (Enee, L'ombre) - Scene 5: Les elements trouble (Chorus) 00:03:21
14.   Act III Scene 6: Que m'annonce le Ciel (Didon) 00:02:14
15.   Act III Scene 7: Je veux mourir (Didon) - Scene 8: Il est parti (Didon) 00:03:05
16.   Act III Scene 9: Ma soeur, embrassez - moi (Didon, Elise) - Scene 10: Apaisez - vous manes (Chorus of Priests) 00:03:19
17.   Act III Scene 10: Toi que j'ai tant aime (Didon, Priests) - Scene 11: O Ciel! (People, Women) 00:04:02

Total Playing Time: 02:06:58

Piccinni, Niccolo

Marmontel, Jean Francois

Bosman, Arnold

Bari Teatro Petruzzelli Orchestra

Bari Teatro Petruzzelli Chorus

Bari, Teresa di; Damiani, Davide; Galvez-Vallejo, Daniel; Girardi, Angelica; Mngoma, Sibongile; Signorile, Antonio

Label: Dynamic

Genre: Opera

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: CDS406

Barcode: 8007144604066

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